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Warren participated in Medicare for All to become Biden’s vice president

Warren is trying to demonstrate his worth to the future Biden administration and interest in the job, without being too outspoken about it, which could lead to thunder. The Committee for Progressive Change, Warren’s top leader, was stifled by the idea of ​​electing her vice president instead of trying to draw attention to her legislative and political work on the coronavirus.

Her supporters argue her experience with the establishment of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and plays a key role Hillary Clinton’s transition team gives her a unique experience in the bureaucracy in the executive branch, which can be a useful team to tag with Biden.

“Elizabeth has a big edge”

; in terms of governance, said Rich Cordray, the first head of the CFPB. “The challenges to the government seem as great as they did in 2009, when Joe Biden entered the administration with President Obama.”

Warren’s ruling center is an implicit confirmation that the political case for her election is gloomier than for other HR prospects. Her support for many left-wing policies and previous claims of Native American origin, for which she apologizes, could be distracting. Some Biden donors have already objected to it in favor of other candidates.

The political cases for other possible candidates are clearer. Black women like Kamala Harris or Stacey Abrams could excite African-American voters in key cities like Milwaukee, Detroit and Philadelphia. Midwestern women such as Senator Amy Klobuchar and Governor Gretchen Whitmer could help reduce Rust Bell’s condition.

Several of these potential choices also offer their leading chops. Whitmer is working to target one of the largest COVID-19 outbreaks in the country. Klobuchar insists on a proposal to vote by mail for the autumn elections. Harris recently introduced legislation with Bernie Sanders to give Americans $ 2,000 a month until the crisis subsides, and another with Ayana Presley’s reputation focused on small and small businesses owned by women.

Alternatively, some Democrats, such as Sarah Nelson, president of the flight attendants’ union, say Warren’s policy is actually good. It is said that it is best suited to help rallies of former Sanders supporters who may stay at home. Pollster Stan Greenberg gave a presentation to Biden’s inner circle, arguing just that, The New York Times reported. (Greenberg did not respond to requests for comment). Some public opinion polls show that Democrats are more enthusiastic about Warren than her rivals.

Yet Warren’s managing partner has been complicated by its differences in policy with Biden over the years, especially on domestic economic issues. Her willingness to strike fellow Democrats has made some Obama administration officials feel that she is self-serving sacredly,,

However, Warren’s response to Medicare for All This Week is a possible sign of her desire to align with Biden’s position. Biden showed similar flexibility in embracing Warren’s bankruptcy reforms, the subject of many of their clashes in the early 2000s. Biden and his campaign have also showed a new openness to large, progressive proposals for economic revival.

Warren said Tuesday that she, too, believes voters are more receptive to stable policies than they were during a basic democracy.

“I think the political moment has changed,” she said, pointing to the debate over what constituted a key worker during the pandemic. “It turns out it’s not an investment banker. … People who go out there put their health at risk in order to continue living in this country.”

People close to Biden say politics and governance will also be factors in his vice president’s decision, but that media coverage is reconsidering how a choice can affect the outcome in one country or another, as opposed to his own priorities.

“This is a man who has been preparing to be president for most of his adult life and knows the job of vice president better than anyone who has made that decision in a generation or maybe ever,” said a Democrat close to the team. Biden. “And if you’re mainly focused on mobilizing voters in November, not the government, then you’re essentially misleading the audience you need to convince. “

Gene Sperling, director of the National Economic Council in the Obama and Clinton administrations, who worked closely with Biden and many potential vice presidential elections, including Warren, made a similar point.

“While people always play on all points of view about who they think can best help a candidate win, I think they tend to underestimate the degree that someone who has been in the White House for eight years and held work [himself] will think about the “solution”, he said in an interview.

Biden drew attention to several of the candidates – and his own campaign – through appearances with them. But public events did not shed much light on what he or his closest advisers thought.

a lot politically scientists also say the data does not show that the vice-presidential selection greatly affects the outcome of the race. Biden himself even made this argument during the 2008 general election, say supporters in Ohio that “no one decides who to vote for based on the vice president.”

“I mean literally,” he added.

There is some reason to think that this time it will be more important for voters, given Biden’s advanced age – he will take office at the age of 78 – and the great possibility that he will serve only one term.

Without a chance, Warren is trying to show his potential political forward. She unfolded her strong email list to raise money for Biden after she officially approved it. “I have never had so much [contributors] until he approves of me, ”Biden said in a joint donor call with Warren the campaign published online Sunday.

Warren included Biden’s website in media appearances. And in case her enthusiasm for Biden’s presidency was not obvious, her team produced video praise Biden’s implementation of the 2009 stimulus package.

“President Trump does not value transparency and accountability,” Warren concluded in the recording. “But President Biden will do it.”

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