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Warzone team bans $ 250,000 Twitch Rivals event after fraud scandal

OpTic Gaming and Envy have always been rivals in the Call of Duty race, although the Green Wall may have a new contender to take care of, with LA Thieves ready to steal the spotlight in the hottest match of 2021.

There has always been a constant in the Call of Duty scene. When OpTic and Envy are aligned, they all adjust. EClasico has long been one of the biggest showdowns in all eSports. But with the dawn of a new racing season, could it now be time for a new historical rivalry to emerge?

With Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez and the power of the Green Wall helping to build Matthew ̵

6;Nadeshot’ The Hague into the cultural icon of today, there is no denying the rich history between the two owners of the CDL franchise. After a year on the sidelines, Nadeshot’s LA thieves finally have a chance to steal the show and maybe steal some of OpTic’s momentum in the process.

Can OpTic have new rivals for next year? Will this highly anticipated clash become the next impenetrable Call of Duty match? Only time will tell how this nascent feud will develop, although no two teams have the greater potential to capture the entire eSports community in 2021, like OpTic Chicago and LA Thieves.

H3CZ and Nadeshot: The friendliest of the rivals

H3CZ and Nadeshot together
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H3CZ and Nadeshot are cut from the same fabric, as they are both extremely passionate fans of their own organizations.

It is almost impossible to think about the powerful CDL brands without thinking about the people behind them. While the current owners of their respective organizations, H3CZ and Nadeshot’s sports trips have been intertwined for more than a decade.

OpTic Gaming was the first Call of Duty team that Nadeshot ever presented on a professional level. This is the pillar in the history of e-sports that he helped build as a captain over a six-year racing career. This was the foundation from which he became one of the biggest stars in the gaming industry.

H3CZ and Nadeshot
YouTube: Nadeshot

Nadeshot and H3CZ were inseparable during OpTic’s early rise in the export industry.

After leaving in 2015, Nadeshot repeated that success in 100 Thieves and now, in the LA Thieves CDL franchise. While the pair have been inseparable in the past, they will both be aiming for first place in various teams in 2021.

Both are uber-competitive at their core, but we’ve rarely seen a competitive advantage over each other. Their teams made their League of Legends debut side by side in 2018, facing several times a year. In the meantime, we only had one year to enjoy the Call of Duty match.

Each time they met, however, he began to feel more and more significant. In fact, the last time they were against each other happened when the stakes were highest: in the finals of the lower category of Champs 2019.

Call of Duty LAN event

100 thieves have benefited from OpTic for most of 2019.

A 3-0 clean-up for the Thieves is the way their final match in Call of Duty ended. Knowing the importance of Champs for all involved, especially for H3CZ, there is no chance that the loss will not hurt to this day.

Now both owners have revived their presence on stage and they are both ready to go swing with those who believe they are the best players in the world today. No matter how many times they meet in 2021, or who comes out as the winner each time, all eyes will be on H3CZ and Nadeshot.

Dasha’s golden opportunity against the Thieves

Dash on stage

2021 is Dashy’s chance to correct the mistakes of the first season of the CDL.

2020 was not the sequel Dashy had hoped for after a breakthrough year in Black Ops 4. His initial launch with OpTic was full of exceptional accents and remarkable performances, but it all fell apart with the release of Modern Warfare.

As franchising took over, Dashi was abandoned, while OpTic moved into a completely different structure. With H3CZ, which is now building the Huntsmen brand under NRG, Dashy did his best to be traded over. Unfortunately, it was not on the cards. Although he was allegedly threatened to stand up, he was rewritten on the spot in OGLA.

A turbulent year followed during the CDL inaugural season, with Dashi reluctantly playing alongside new teammates in SlasheR, Kenny and JKap. The bad mood in the early events saw Dashi fall on the bench, with little hope of turning things around.

Dashy plays for OGLA

2020 was a difficult year for Dasha, who spent a lot of time on the OGLA bench.

Reduced to 2021, a year that H3CZ predicts will be “transformative”For Dasha. Now the stage is ready for the best return in every sense of the word. Not only does he have a chance to justify his hip-hop from 2019, but he will also be able to do so against the list that ostensibly keeps him in 2020.

When OpTic Chicago faces the Los Angeles Thieves in 2021, Dashy will take on his former teammates. He has a chance to wipe the plate clean against the Thieves.

We may be in a different cycle with the Black Ops Cold War, although the outright victories over SlasheR, Kenny and TJHaLy throughout the season could revive his stellar strength. Not to mention that Dashy also has a history with Temp, after they reunited much earlier in their careers.

On the other side of the coin, Los Angeles, which beats its rivals in Chicago, will only add fuel to the fire. While friends outside the lobby can not deny that the garbage conversations between the cards will be on another level, given the history between the players.

TJHaLy’s shot for OpTic’s revenge

OpTic Gaming lifts the trophy

Now TJHaLy finds himself against former OpTic teammates Skump and Dashi.

Although each player on both sides has their reasons for winning, TJHaLy can have more fire under him than anyone else. As the CDL went into effect, it was also abandoned along with Dasha.

Things did not develop much for his first year in the league, and now the ice is completely separated from his former teammates. No more Honey next to him on stage, no more Dasha who hipped him online.

One day he will be on the opposite side of the lobby.

Again, he is a close friend of everyone outside the game. But when it comes time to charge against OpTic, rest assured that there will be an extra sense of motivation for TJHaLy.

He will seek to prove that he is a top-class player without them. That he could reach the top of the CDL rankings despite them. In the end, show that his team is stronger than theirs.

TJHaLy plays for OpTic

TJHaLy will strive to prove himself against his former teammates at OpTic.

Giving a statement and trying to download the current OpTic lineup will be a story to watch throughout the year. The questions will be answered when the spotlight shines on TJHaLy to overtake its former allies, who have become rivals.

As some added spice to the match, no one can forget how 2020 ended for TJHaLy. The loss of the fifth match, round 11 1v1 against Envoy has certainly stung. Now TJ has every opportunity to cross this low point and prove that he is better than the messenger and OpTic.

Although H3CZ tends to promote Empire or FaZe as its biggest rivals of the year, there is no denying that OpTic Chicago vs. LA Thieves has an unsurpassed flair. With its legions of fans, it will surely conquer the community every time unlike any other game this year.

It so happens that fans will not have to wait long to see their long-awaited first showdown. The classic start of the CDL offers us six matches from January 23 to January 24. Our first taste of the new eClasico closes the show as the Thieves are ready to try and scale the Green Wall.

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