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Was Indiana Jones a pedophile? “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” Karen Allen says no

Karen Allen offered her interpretation of a scene in “Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark Attackers,” which she said was misinterpreted.

Over the years, some fans the franchise has raised eyebrows at the opening scene of her character Marion Ravenwood in the 1981 adventure film, which they say binds Indiana Jones (played by Harrison Ford) as a pedophile.

On stage, Indy appears at Marion̵

7;s bar in Nepal. This is the first time the characters have been seen in a decade. After Marion greets Indy by slapping him on the face, a vague and sinister conversation begins between the two, hinting at a hot past.

“I’ve learned to hate you for the last 10 years,” Marion told Indiana after wearing socks. When Indiana says he never wanted to hurt Marion, she replies, “I was a kid! I was in love! It was wrong and you knew it. “

Indiana then countered with: He knew what you were doing.

Indiana later learned that Marion’s father – and Indy’s mentor – Abner – had died. After the news, Indiana tries to comfort Marion, but she says, “Do you know what you did to me? For my life? “

In an interview with Allen, published Tuesday in Uproxx to mark the 4K Blu-ray edition of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Allen offered his look at the scene.

“I don’t think of him as a pedophile,” Allen told Uproxx. “Some of these people are going in that direction.”

Harrison Ford and Karen Allen on set

Sunset Boulevard via Getty Images

Harrison Ford and Karen Allen on the set of “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

Although Allen says in her mind Marion was 16 and Indiana was 26 when they first met, she said their discussion in “Raider of the Lost Ark” was “left very mysterious” and that “we do not know what the circumstances are. ”

“I mean, they could kiss a few times, and she was just completely hunched over, and he might just not want to connect with such a young man,” Allen told the website. “And maybe mine.” [character’s] his father would be furious. “

Alan added: “So she obviously took deep care of him.” Maybe he took care of her too. But in the end he decided that this was a dangerous situation and he did not want to be involved. “

Alan said that although the conversation was vague, she always looked at him as “completely innocent.”

“When [Marion] she says, “It was wrong and you knew it.” I mean, I think maybe he led her in some way. But when she says she was a child, I think she meant she was 16. Something like that. ”

In 2015, Polygon reported an unsubstantiated transcript of the 1978 historical meetings between the film’s creators. In the transcript, George Lucas offers a background in which Marion was 11 or 12 years old when she was involved with an adult Indiana. (Steven Spielberg then thwarted the idea that Marion was so young.)

And of course, the age of consent in the United States is between 16 and 18, depending on the state, and “Raiders of the Lost Ark” took place in 1936. But, unfortunately, a 26-year-old creature romantically engaged to 16- one-year-old still raises eyebrows until 2021

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