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Washington prepares for Trump to figure out how to deal with exclusion

The drama provided an eloquent picture of the political forces over immigration, torn apart by the rapprochement of the Republican Party.

By the end of the border, Trump was in a predominant form, launching his dubious claims of immigration while burning new democracies against climate change and abortion.

In Washington, under the dome of the Capitol, Republican MPs worked hard with these same Democrats on a sort of institutional Washington compromise that affirmed the neglect of Tramp's traditional policy. will happen afterwards. But with Trump, who enjoys himself in the embrace of his adored, guerrilla crowd, it is quite possible that he returns to the White House, nurturing his instincts with baits.

  In their hour and 1[ads1]5-minute address, Trump outrages Democrats and repeated false allegations that the nearby wall means a " huge cuts in the violent crime of the city. But the president told the audience that he had decided not to know the details of a bipartisan deal to prevent closure before he got on the stage. If he really knew what was going on, then he could not try to describe what the paper looked like a great disappointment. that the deal reached in Washington - which contains only $ 1.375 billion for barriers and no wall - does not meet the President's demands for $ 5.7 billion to fund a promise for a campaign that is almost mystical on its base. </p>
<p>  left the question Monday night – but Washington is waiting for an answer. What will the next president do? </p>
<p>  Will I break the congressional agreement and stand with the most faithful supporters by refusing to sneak into the wall? Or will it accept the compromise that could prevent a re-closing of the government that hurt him politically? </p>
<p>  He seems to keep his options open. </p>
<p>  In order to accept the agreement reached in tormented negotiations in Congress, Trump will have to try to turn a clear loss as a profit – a tactic he seemed to imply during his rally. </p>
<p>  The crowd tried to figure out a way out: "You really mean" Finish this wall, "because we have built a lot of it." </p>
<p>  The president said that his assistants before the rally had been told that a deal had been made but he he did not want the crowd to wait, knowing what it was </p>
<p>  "I could stay there and listen, or I could come to the people of El Paso in Texas, I chose you," Trump said. "Maybe progress has been made, maybe not." </p>
<p>  But the details had already abolished the Washington talks on the form of the deal on Monday. It is hard to believe that the president would not tell him if the result matches his demands that prompted the longest stop in history at the end of last year. </p>
<p>  He also refused to look into the details of the deal in a conservative Fox News interview, Laura Ingraham, who has a proven track record of influencing immigration issues before his rally. </p>
<p>  "Many things have changed I can not go into detail-I just heard it </p>
<p>  Underlining the scale of his dilemma, his conservative allies in the Chamber began to mobilize for the deal." Passo, Congress had assembled a bad deal about immigration, "the founder of the Bulgarian Chamber of Freedom replied. Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio. </p>
<p><h3> Finding a way forward </h3>
<p>  Conservative media coverage of the deal will certainly be a determining factor. </p>
<p>  If the reviews are stinging, the president may be encouraged to continue with the third time </p>
<p>  During his rally, he seems to retain that opportunity to be open. </p>
<p>  "We are called the scene," said Trump before adding: "We need the wall and it needs to be built and we want to build it quickly … the walls save life." Monday evening in El Paso also offered a possible flavor of future things: Former reporter Beto O'Rourke, who is a native of the area and is considering a presidential bid in 2020, has topped another rally so close to the Trump event that the participants could see the president of the jumbo screen outside. </p></div>
<p>  the country has nothing to fear when it comes to "The eyes of history, the fate of the future … will look back at that moment." </p>
<p>  Meanwhile, the president remained unruly, repeating his lying claim, which was even defrauded by Republicans from El Paso that one part </p>
<p>  "They are full of shit when they say it did not make a big difference," Trump said on the rally. </p>
<p>  "Safety is the birthright of every America. So we have to finish the wall. "If Tramp declared a state of emergency in order to reprogram the funds for building the wall, he could quickly face legal obstacles and worry about Republican senators who fear how a future Democratic Party president could use such a broad precedent. </p>
<p>  But Trump would have been able to keep a living wall crusade and support the Republicans for the political capital project </p>
<p>  But one option for the White House would be to accept the agreement from Congress – but then we try to use the executive to find other means elsewhere to raise new border barriers unilaterally. </p>
<p>  Full agreement is not yet reached between Republican and Democratic MPs from Parliament and the Senate. available. But the first signs are that he did not meet Trump's demands, which prompted the government's longest stop in history in December and January for 200-kilometer sections of walls or steel fences on the US-Mexico border </p>
<p> the project provides 1,375 billion dollars in border columns, but includes a ban on concreting and allows the use of only "existing technologies" in border barriers. </p>
<p>  Still, Democrats have dropped the demand for a ceiling on the number of seats in detention centers for undocumented migrants who have interrupted weekend negotiations. the upcoming hours will be crucial to the hopes that the president can sign the deal. As the preparations for the beginning of the government's closure in December showed, it may be heavily influenced by the way events are played in conservative media. </p>
<p>  But Congress has done its job. </p>
<p>  "This is one minute until midnight, narrowly diverted what would be a real embarrassment," said David Gergen, CNN's senior analyst, who is a former counselor to numerous Democratic and Republican presidents. </p>
<p> "We need to thank them for this … and to tell" </p>
<p>  CNN's Manu Raju, Phil Mattingli, Jeff Green and Dana Bash contributed to this report. </p>
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