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We need to talk about how bra size works

Like any number of women's magazines will tell you, 80% of women wear the wrong amount of bra. This is perhaps because shopping for bras is a hell of the earth and it is impossible unless you invite a complete stranger to the room to help you measure correctly but it may also be a result of the complete misunderstanding of our society what they are the size of the bra. If the video game discourse is a sign, most people think the bra sizes stop at DD and that something less than the "great badonkers" is in the A-B range.

I'm talking, of course, about Tifa Lockhart, who is accused of having B-cup breasts – her model of the character in Final Fantasy 7 Remake looks different from her extra-brutish appearance in the era on PS1 – and a whole female cast of Mortal Kombat 11 for that matter. Now, these are fictional women who have the best physics engines that support them, so it's not really that they really need extra support from a $ 80 Lululemon sports bra. But if we use bra sizes like stenography to talk about fake female bodies, we'll do it the right way.

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For you, I know something about this two. The size of the bras has two main components: cup size and band size. The size of the cup is indicated by letters, such as B or DD, and refers to the actual part of the breast of the bra. The size of the ribbon is a number based on the size of the chest area of ​​the man (just beneath the actual breasts) and is of a larger size.

While most people tend to focus on the glass, the size of the ribbon determines the size of the glass. So, if you have two people whose actual breasts are exactly the same in size but whose frequencies are different, they will carry different cup sizes. 36DD, for example, is the same as 34DDD – these two people have the same breasts but one has a smaller backbone so the size of the cup is slightly increased. Why does Big Lingerie do this? Since the size of the cup represents the difference between measuring your group and measuring your breasts, the difference in one inch is A, two are B, and so on. The larger the difference, the larger the cup size.

Anyway, back to Tifa. Tifa is a woman with a small chest, so I'll guess and say she's 28-strip. If you look at her for two seconds, you can see that her breasts are much larger than her breasts. I would say there is at least one six or seven inch difference that puts her in the range of F or G. Did you know , that the size of the bras goes so far? On top of that, there are some discussions around Remake Tifa's bra – especially that she wears a sports bra. Sports bras are usually slightly narrower in terms of fitness, and while some traders offer traditional bras sizing options, you will often see sports bras sold in sizes of dresses (2, 4, 6, 8, etc). ) or small and medium-sized metrics. Due to the design and further confusion in size, the sport bras often make the chests flatter than they are. In Tiff's case, however, it looks like she is wearing a $ 100 designer bra that mimics the type of regular bra. I would say that the type of bra that is allegedly wearing does not have any effect on the perceived size of his chest … or how hard he damn things.

So while it's true that Tifa's cheek looks smaller than it was (or maybe how you imagined it), it's by no means a small chest. Even if you think she is wearing a B-cup bra, you can still look at her and see that she is not a small box . Now that you know how the bras work, you can go back to the cast of MK 11 and notice that they have different bodies and are therefore suitable for different sizes of bras. Finally, think nothing is wrong with the little boobs to get started.

In conclusion, if you think video games censor because suddenly "every" female hero has boobs from A or B, it's not just wrong. And if you have to complain, you may need to think about the size of the chest.

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