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We played a few hours on the anthem: Here's how the game looks

The best way to sum up the BioWare 3rd person online shooter is to call it a cross between Mass Effect 3 and The Division. On the one hand, it looks very similar to other similar shooters: you will join forces with other players as you shake different creatures, causing them to fly out of your body while you work to take them down, hoping to get newer, better . guns for your powered Javelin mech costumes. On the other hand, Anthem is definitely a BioWare game, even if it's a version of a more sophisticated and sophisticated RPG game that the developer is known for. The ant hits the middle, which makes it feel unique among the shooters like him.

BioWare recently gave GameSpot the chance to play the first hours of anthem in his studio in Austin, Texas, starting from game opening missions, and some late game content. This gave us a pretty solid cross-section of what Anthem offers ̵

1; from team-based gameplay that looks very much like Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, to the way the game delivers story through conversations with different heroes, much like BioWare RPGs from the past. We have the best sense that we still had anything to play an anthem, at least in the main campaign.

Being a Freelance

Here's how missions and activities go to the anthem. Starting from home base in Fort Tarsis, you choose Jageline, one of four Iron Man-like suits, at the center of the game. Most missions begin with your journey to the scene where your Owen coworker, a Tarsis partner, gives you information about the situation. Javelins can fly thanks to their rocket boosters, albeit not indefinitely; eventually your suit will overheat, forcing you to wait for it to cool down. Strategically immersing yourself through waterfalls and ponds, or dive straight down to increase the flow of air through your jets, you can cool the suit. The exploration of the anthem is almost as much a part of the game as the struggle in it, and there are also eruptional drops to find ruins and other secrets to find in the world.

Each type of Javelin has its strengths and weaknesses and works together in different ways. The Ranger is a middle class road that specializes in single, powerful weapons such as grenades and rockets, while the interceptor is a faster, more flexible Javelin, which is good for melee and melee attacks. Colos is a reservoir missing a shield to recharge other Javelin classes, which means it requires aggressive play and constantly grabbing health packs to be effective. Finally, the Storm usually floats over the battle using elementary attacks to defeat enemies and help other teammates. "src =" https://static.gamespot.com/uploads/scale_super/1581/15811374/3490623-anthem+hover.jpg "srcset =" https://static.gamespot.com/uploads/original/1581/15811374 /3490623-anthem+hover.jpg 1422w, https://static.gamespot.com/uploads/scale_super/1581/15811374/3490623-anthem+hover.jpg 1280w, https://static.gamespot.com/uploads/scale_medium /1581/15811374/3490623-anthem+hover.jpg 480w "width = 1280px 100vw, 1280px" -database = "1280" />

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All javelins can also they carry two weapons and you can supply different rifles from the rifle gun, rail rifles, sniper rifles, guns, and more. But in Khim, shooting takes a little back seat; using boarding abilities on board in intelligent ways is what is actually the fight.

In fact, the shooting part of the anthem is sometimes a little underwhelming, as the weapons feel like a generic shooter fare and never hit hard. The enemies of the anthem are kind of bullets that can make the guns feel weak and ineffective. It is clear that combining your various abilities together with other players is where BioWare wants to put your efforts into a fight, and pulling strategic moves with teammates to dominate the battlefield or escape a difficult scratch is the best- the best part of any struggle. Each Javelin has two capabilities (a controller, each connected to a buffer button) that can be changed based on what you will be equipped with in the four Javelin component slots. Grenades, missiles and various other attacks can cause state effects such as freezing enemies or igniting, and these effects can create combinations. The blow of an enemy that is "primed" from a frozen grenade with a rocket, for example, will blow them out, which can make a bonus damage or pass the effect of freezing other enemies.

The first part of the game demonstrated the easiest combos and they were not particularly exciting. Over time, you learn the strengths and weaknesses of each Javelin, but the comboing strategy seems to be a much larger part of the game – it was much more relevant and much more satisfying, BioWare demonstrated than the early things. BioWare has told us a lot more about how progress and teamwork will come together in the anthem, especially at the end of the game.

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Terminal Speed ​​

Another thing Hymn's battle has for her is her speed and fluidity. At any moment you can jump in the air and activate your jets to escape from a lost situation, find a shady place to restore your shields, or get a better angle on the enemy's weaknesses. Much is done for the vertical anthem in the study, but flying is also a huge part of the fight and what makes it feel fresh. For example, Storm Javelin will move mostly over the battle, somewhat beyond the dangerous way to catch up on elementary attacks on groups of enemies and to control the battlefield. At the same time, the interceptor can try to get in and out of the battle, causing heavy damage and escaping before things get hot. In any case, using flight effectively and strategically is essential to winning battles and staying alive.

We met with several different missions in our time in Himn. Some refer to Shaper Relics – a powerful alien technology left behind by the race that created the world of the anthem, but has since disappeared. These missions typically include the type of sub targets known to other shooters, such as defending a fixed position while the timer goes out, or collecting objects and returning them to a specific location – all of which are quite common actions you use to see in shooters like this . The fact that you can fly around huge arenas helps to destroy things, but apart from the basic combat and flight abilities, most of the missions of the anthem are the activities that players will know so far.

facing the scars, an insect-like race of angry aliens with whom people share the world of the anthem. The more interesting enemies were dominance, the main antagonists of the anthem. These guys are human soldiers led by a big scary javelin pilot called Monitor, and include fighters that are more comparable to the player, Javelins, which allow them to fly and some of the elemental forces you can use. Their goal: Take Shaper Relics and try to control the creation anthem for their own purposes. They are ruthless and well-armed with powerful technology, and stopping their ambitions is what most of Hitler's story looks like. (19659015) Fort Tarsis: Your Service Center

When you do not fight with strange creatures or monitors and his servants in

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