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What did the competitors of Survivor 39 mention, united by them and what does that mean?

In back-to-back episodes of Survivor 39: Island of the Idols, competitors made one of the key landmarks in the game – the merger. Although spectators saw the contestants enjoying their merger holiday, this did not show them to name their new tribe or make the flag.

What does the united group decide to call their tribe and what does it mean?

  Survivor 39 Lumuwaku
Lauren Beck and Nura Salman | Robert Voets

Why did the competitors of Survivor 39 name their Lumuwaku tribe?

The back-to-back episodes were overshadowed by Kelly Kim's sexual assault allegations against Dan Spilo and how other contestants reacted to him. [19659002] Although the MBA student had well-founded fears about Spilo, she, Missy Bird and Elizabeth Beasley used the claims as a lure, while Kim and Bird fired at each other, creating backlash from fans.

Therefore, the episodes did not work out & # 39; Don't focus so much on the new tribe and how they came up with their new name. Survivor 39: The Lire and Wokay United Tribe of the Idols is blue and bears the name Lumuwaku.

Jack Nicting mentions the acronym for "Love You Miss You Real Wanna Kiss You," which is an acronym that his now deceased family uses to tell the family before it unfolds.

Although Nikhting did not make the merger, his close allies Janet Carbin and Jamal Shipman suggested the name and explained the importance of the rest of the group.

Race competitor Lauren Beck confirmed it on Twitter and sent "a special shout out to Jack for best name of the tribe."

Survivor 39 contestant Jack Jack Nichting tries to dealing with his father's passing [19659007] In a video with Ponderosa, Nikting confessed that he did not understand exactly how his father's death "affected" him six years ago. Therefore, he plans to use his time in Ponderosa to find him because he wants to "become a better person" than him.

So far, Nikting has been a positive energy since it welcomed Kelly Kim and Jamal Shipman and even baked cookies upon their arrival. He also contacted Shipman because of their shared love of music and they wrote a song together.

Nikting could also potentially continue to use music in Ponderosa to help him cope with his father's passing.

How Jack Nicting Becomes First Jury Member

After Kim correctly answered three questions on Idol Island, she earned an immunity idol for the next two tribal councils. However, she was protected in a strong alliance and never had to use her.

Kim was also very close to Dean Kowalski, especially after learning that they had a mutual friend. Therefore, after realizing that everyone was planning to vote for Kowalski, she gave him her immunity idol so they could make a big move together.

She also rope Nura Salman in her plan and persuade the two to vote for Jack Nykting since his resemblance poses a significant threat after the merger she and she wanted to separate him from Shipman.

Everything went according to plan and Nichting became the first member of the jury. Watch Survivor 39: Idol Island Wednesday at 8am EST on CBS.

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