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What do we know so far about the debut of Ford Maverick in 2022 next week

  • On Tuesday, Ford will remove its new compact pickup – Maverick.
  • We still don’t know much about the pickup, but some details have leaked.
  • Maverick must cost about $ 20,000 to begin and will go on sale this fall.
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Ford made a splash last month when it unveiled the F-150 Lightning, its first electric pickup. Now he will turn again with the introduction of his first brand new truck model in decades.

After months of rumors and spy photos, Ford confirmed on Thursday that the Maverick – an all-new compact slot pickup under the middle Ranger – will debut on Tuesday at 6 a.m. ET. You can then see the new truck on Ford̵

7;s website, its social channels, at

and in the accounts of the actress Gabrielle Union on social media.

Although we won’t know anything specific until next week, we already have some ideas for Maverick from leaks and Ford’s own teasers. Here’s what we know so far.

Drive and performance

A teaser video that Ford released on Thursday gave us the best hint of what will be under the hood of Maverick.

A “hybrid” badge on the rear door of the pickup indicates that the hybrid drive will be available at least as an option and may be standard. As the Maverick is expected to be produced on the same platform as the Bronco Sport crossover, it can also get the optional engine from this model – a 250-horsepower turbo four-cylinder engine.

Maverick hybrid sketch

Ford Maverick Hybrid Badges.


If a hybrid option comes along, the Maverick will be Ford’s only hybrid truck, with the exception of the F-150 PowerBoost, launched in 2020. Ranger does not currently offer a hybrid version.

Expect towing and payload capacity to be significantly less than that of the Ranger, which can pull in £ 7,500 and carry up to £ 1,860 in bed. But the compact Maverick isn’t really for people who have to tow heavy trailers or carry huge amounts of timber – that’s what Ford’s larger trucks are for.

Interior, comfort and features

Judging by the spy photos released so far, the Maverick will be available in a four-door configuration and may not offer a two-door option such as the F-150 and Ranger. But that makes sense, given that Maverick is likely to target casual buyers who care more about interior space than bed length.

Gabriel Union in a Ford Maverick.

Maverick will debut on Ford’s social channels with the help of actress Gabrielle Union.


Inside, Maverick can share an eight-inch touchscreen with the Bronco Sport and will likely come standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Like the crossover, the Maverick will likely come standard with Ford’s Co-Pilot360 driver assistance package, which includes collision avoidance, blind spot monitoring and automatic high beams.

Additional safety and driver assistance technology, such as Ford BlueCruise’s hands-free function, can be available as an option on the upholstery.


The Maverick will be more compact than the Ranger, but that’s all we know about its size so far. The ranger is 211 inches long and about six feet high. There are currently no new pickups in the United States that are significantly smaller than this.

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This means that Ford is taking advantage of the market for small car-based pickups, which carmakers have almost abandoned in recent years as trucks have increased and compact models like the Subaru Baja have been killed. Maverick’s closest rival could be the Hyundai Santa Cruz, which was announced in April and will go on sale this summer.

Pricing and upholstery

In terms of MSRP, Maverick will certainly drive you less than the Ranger, which starts at just over $ 25,000 for a two-door model or about $ 27,500 for the four-seater SuperCrew. Last year, Ford told dealers it was on a pickup under $ 20,000, according to Automotive News.

Gabriel Union in a Ford Maverick

Ford Maverick.


If Ford really manages to reduce Maverick’s retail price below $ 20, the new compact truck will become the company’s most budget-friendly offering, beating the EcoSport crossover for $ 20,395. It will go on sale in the fall of 2021, says Ford.

Expect a handful of equipment levels, including the XLT model shown in the first teaser photos of the Ford truck. Judging by the F-150 and Ranger kits on offer, there will probably be a more basic XL model, along with at least one more premium version. Pricing can drop in the range of $ 30,000 to $ 40,000 for a fully loaded Maverick.

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