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What House investigators learned after two weeks of interviews in Ukraine

While that complaint that the president allegedly asked the Ukrainian leader for assistance in investigating his political opponent is what started the Democratic impeachment investigation – and Trump has focused his attacks on the whistle and his "perfect" appeal – Democrats say evidence gathered by current and former Trump administration officials has strengthened their case so far.

It also details a picture of an administration that for months has struggled with Giuliani's central role in dictating US and Ukrainian policy – with senior US officials hampered by Trump's request to deal with his personal lawyer, who pursues studies that could assist the president's political interests.

Now they claim that they may not even need to talk to the liquidator.

"The testimony and evidence I received all supports the central narrative that there was a formal policy that was very supportive of Ukraine," said reporter Tom Mal inowski, a New Jersey Democrat. "There have been numerous officials trying to keep this policy alive. But she has run into shadow politics, led by the president through Rudy Giuliani, which is intended to promote his personal and partisan agenda. "

Democrats are gathering information about how Giuliani is circumventing. government on US-Ukrainian policy, from ousting US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Jovanovic in the spring to calling Zelensky to announce an election inquiry in 201
6 and Burma, the company that hired former Vice President Joe Biden Hunter.
we also nullify why US security assistance to Ukraine was frozen and whether this was conditioned by Ukraine investigating Trump's political opponent in 2020 within four months. White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvani on Thursday said the withholding of the aid was related to Ukraine investigating the 2016 election – arguing it was separate from Bidens and a legitimate request from a foreign government.

Democrats say Mulvaney is helping to make his case.

  Mulvaney boldly acknowledges the quid pro quo over Ukraine assistance as key details emerge

[19659007] "Mr Mulvani's recognition means. that things have gone from very, very bad to much, much worse, "said House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, who heads the impeachment investigation, calling Mulwani's recognition" a phenomenal violation of the president's obligation to protect our national security . "

Democrats interviewed she Trump's current and former employees have been part of the investigation so far, and they are recruiting numerous additional witnesses from the State Department, the Pentagon and the Office of Management and Budget and the White House to complete their case before deciding whether to proceed with the appointment of president. for the third time in US history.

They hope to be able to complete interviews in the next few weeks before voting for Thanksgiving Day impeachment.

Republicans have repeatedly attacked Democrats for conducting an impeachment investigation behind closed doors, arguing that they are selectively leaking information to paint a misleading case to try to remove the president from office,

"Remember all this "The whole thing was that there was some kind of quid pro quo between helping and investigating Bidens," the rep said. Jim Jordan, the largest Republican on the House Oversight Committee who led the Republican probe response. "Of the things that I can talk about in the transcripts, there is not one piece of evidence to support this.

Adds Florida Republican Brian Mast:" If you send an American dollar, an American thing somewhere must absolutely make sure that you understand every level of corruption that happens on the site, especially a corrupt place like Ukraine. "

Asked if he had found Trump's request for Ukraine to investigate his political rivals, Mast said," Investigate any level of corruption? Absolutely, this is the responsibility of the administration. I stand for it. "

Text messaging and" drug deal "

After launching a complaint and call last month, Democrats began networking with administration officials who focused on

They quickly gained key evidence from their first witness.

US Special Envoy to Ukraine K Urt Walker addressed congressional text messages in Congress exchanged between US diplomats, Julian and senior Ukrainian help The texts showed that there was a connection prior to Trump's call to Zelensky between the opening of an inquiry into Ukraine for a prospect of a meeting with Trump and Zelensky.

"I had lunch with Rudy this morning-talking talk w (Zelensky Assistant Andrew) Yermak Monday , "Volker wrote on July 19." I have to help. The fastest thing to do is to tell Zelensky that he will help the investigation – and resolve any specific personnel problems – if any. "

Early profits – access to Volker's Text Messages – were only possible because Volker resigned abruptly after the filing of the complaint in September. Other State Department employees who may have critical evidence were thwarted from the Trump administration's hard line against transmitting documents to the House.
Current and former administration officials filled out the story around text messages, testifying that Trump had directed employees to worked with Giuliani for Ukraine, while Giuliani insisted on a renewed control of the 2016 election that could undermine Russia's investigation and the Burmese and Biden Survey.
Giuliani's work with Volker and US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sundland are an important point of contention in the Trump administration, according to testimony of former White House White House adviser Fiona Hill.
  "Strong, blunt, and non-diplomatic": The ambassador is now at the center of the impeachment probe [19659026] & # 39; Violent, blunt, and non-diplomatic: The ambassador now at the center of the probe for impeachment

She testifies that then-national security adviser John Bolton is so concerned about Son, who insists on an investigation at a July 10 meeting that he encourages her to report to the meeting of National Security Council lawyer John Eisenberg.

In addition, Hill reported that she heard Sondland talk about Burma with Ukrainian officials after that meeting, and she said Bolton compared the entire operation to a "drug deal".

Sundland disputes Hill's testimony that there was great disagreement during a meeting with Bolton on Ukraine. But Sundland's testimony also added to the Democrats' case, as he said he was "disappointed" that Trump had directed him to work with Julian in Ukraine, but did so at Trump's insistence.

"Based on the President's instruction, we were faced with a choice: We could abandon the purpose of a White House meeting for President Zelensky … or we could do as President Trump did and speak with Mr. Giuliani, to respond to the president's concerns, "Sondland said. "But until much later, I did not realize that Mr. Giuliani's program could also include an effort to encourage Ukrainians to investigate Vice President Biden or his son or to engage Ukrainians, directly or indirectly, in the 2020 re-election campaign. the president. "

Quid pro quo?

Democrats have a full schedule of witnesses recruited next week by the Pentagon, the State Department, the Office of Management and Budget and the National Security Council. has not yet come out publicly from the impeachment testimony, is how Julian's insistence on an investigation was linked to the freezing of security aid for Ukraine this summer, which came at the behest of the White House.

But the acting White Public Comments of the Director of State M k Thursday's rumors may have helped Democrats make that connection, Mulvani said one of the reasons for withholding the aid was "corruption related to the DNC server" – a reference to the unfounded conspiracy theory Trump said was hacked The Democrats' server is in Ukraine.

"That's why we kept the money," Mulvani said.

Later on Thursday, Mulvani tried to clear his comments, saying, "There was never any condition for the flow of assistance, related to the DNC server issue. "

Democrats believe Mulvani's admission of an apparent quid pro quo related to the release of foreign security aid in Ukraine into the 2016 election election was significant and further evidence of progress in the impeachment study.

But they also claim that it is not essential to continue the impeachment investigation.

"The reality is, since there is a lot of focus on the quid pro quo, I just want to remind everyone that you do not need quid pro quo, "said reporter David Tsitsilin, a Democrat from the "The United States, which wants a foreign leader to interfere in the US presidential election, is illegal, un-American, unpatriotic, and in itself grounds for impeachment."

] After two weeks of witnesses, Democrats have already received convincing evidence to support another substantial allegation in the offender's complaint: that Trump and Julian have organized the abrupt removal of the US ambassador to Ukraine for political purposes.

Documents and testimony from witnesses corroborated witnesses' claim that Jovanovic, a career diplomat, had been recalled by Kiev "because of pressure stemming from" unproven allegations that she was part of an anti-Trump conspiracy in Ukraine.

Trump suggests he does not know who Jovanovic is and is not sure if he was involved in the removal, "but I have heard many, very bad things about her for a long time," he said. She was recalled from Kiev in April, and her envoy was closed in May.

  Diplomats Express Concerns About Treating Trump With Former Ambassador To Ukraine

gives the State Department a bundle of discredited information about Jovanovic and her alleged disloyalty to Trump. The State Department Inspector General shared this with Congress, and throughout the episode confirmed that Giuliani was trying to influence the decisions of State Department officials from outside.

Jovanovic's testimony includes a first-hand account of a conversation with Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan, who informed her in April that Trump no longer wanted her outside Ukraine.

"(Sullivan) added that there was a concerted campaign against me and that the (State) Department had been under pressure from the president to remove me from the summer of 2018," Jovanovic told lawmakers last week. " said that I had done nothing wrong and that it was not like other situations in which he recalled ambassadors with a cause. "

Sundland, politically appointed to Trump, told lawmakers Thursday that Jovanovic was an" excellent diplomat " , who is "a pleasure to work with." He said he regretted seeing Jovanovic withdraw from the became, and distanced itself from, "any campaign that would defame her or release her."

And Michael McKinley, who was Pompeo's senior advisor, testified that he quit last week because of Pompeo's refusal to publicly defend Jovanovic. The former mayor has become a fixture in the conservative media, criticizing Jovanovic for months.

While Democrats continue to look for evidence of a possible quid pro quo regarding US military assistance in Ukraine, they have already passed a long way along Job Novic incident.

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