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What offer for Angelo Russell's qualification offer means a free agency plan for Nets

Nets' free agent hunt – just like half the NBA – will be executed on schedule by Kevin Durant.

The script of Brooklyn's dreams is still very much in play: Connecting Duran to Kirby Irving seems to be in the direction of the Nets. But in the free agency, as in life, time is all.

Nottsky announced Angelo Russell for a qualifying offer on Friday in a move mentioned by The Athletic and confirmed by The Post. This makes him a limited free agent and gives Nets a 23-year-old All-Star hedge if they can not masquerade Irving. But Durant-Irving's combo is still the target.

Bovada put Nets chances to get Irving at 84.6% when the free agency starts at 6pm. on Sunday ̵

1; but they will have to make a deal as soon as possible. First, to repel the interest of the Lakers. Second, to have Irving aboard to help Durant. This recruitment could be more stringent – and take much more time.

The Nets were favorites even for money to land Durant, also expected to engage Knicks, Warriors and Clippers according to ESPN. Durant and his manager, Rich Qayman, were in New York after Durant's surgery on his torn achilles tendon and planned to visit.

Durant's decision can be lifted next week. He knows that nets will not give away the money for him to be able to take time.

Despite Irving's efforts to encourage him on the net, Durant told Yahoo: "I can not be hired." But with the Warriors, Nicks, and Clippers trying to do just that, nets should do better. While warriors can offer rings and money – they are expected to bid for five years, $ 221 million, a year, and $ 57 million more than nets can give – Brooklyn will have a more holistic approach

I'm addicted, but I can not think of a negative one. I could not say that in the days of Jersey, "said a high-ranking source of the Nets. "Coach who cares and can develop players, young [players] well-capitalized property, brick and minors, with which very few teams can compete. This is a complete story [you have to tell].

"I firmly believe in life that there is never a silver bullet. You have to look at the whole thing, look at the whole package. We want to go with the whole package and gravitate to something special [to that player].

They will have to sell to Durant and Irving, and watch for California as they do it.

If LeBron James and Anthony Davis are trying to join Irving to join them with the Lakers, turn his head? And if the Lakers landed Kauchi Leonard to build a supermobile, would Durant have persuaded that he would have to stay with the Golden State to compete? It leaves the nets waiting for both.

With $ 48 million in the room, even after the Russell captain has stayed in, the nets can give up the young guards if they get on or leave Irving if they do not. The moratorium is not over until July 6, and the networks can wait two days to combine each offer sheet and two more to plan their physical condition.

The networks have until July 13 to agree to a deal or give up Russell. In general, Russell – who is wanted by the Lakers as a backup plan if he does not get Leonard or Irving – will be indefinitely for a while.

said Russell to Post. "There are many great fish that need to find their destinations, so I think they will [fall in line after that]."

Tobias Harris and Julius Randall could have been in the same boat, waiting to see what Durant did. A source close to Harris said he will meet East Coast teams on Sunday and then join the West on Monday
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