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What the immigration breakdown of Mexico looks like

But this shows the different face of a new reality that is forming south of the US-Mexico border.

As a mother and daughter approaching Rio Grande, a man dressed in military clothing, he follows closely. stretches out his hand and grabs the woman's backpack by pulling her away from the river that is on the brink of reaching. Another man, dressed in camouflage and holding a big pistol, blocks their way.

The men on the picture are members of Mexico's new National Guard. And the photo, made a few days ago in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, by photographer Hérika Martínez for Agence France-Presse, spread rapidly into social media after the news agency published it.

Night news shows this. The reporters prepared the Mexican president for this during their daily press briefing.

A few migrants from Nicaragua, whose troops captured Friday when they tried to cross the border, are shown on the picture, Martinez told CNN. A woman traveled with her husband and two daughters. They crossed the river. She did not.

Martinez, who has been a journalist in Juarez for more than a decade, says that the changing dynamics in the border city is tangible with the recent leap of troops there. "This is very different from what we are used to," she said. "And very visible."

The reactions of the picture – and what it represents – are mixed.

"There are so many comments in favor of her as against her," Martinez said.

critics judge with a general reaction: Mexico is turning into a borderline of Trump.

Editorial cartoonist took his own version of the photo, replacing the faces of the soldiers with those of Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and Mexican Foreign Minister Marcello Ebrard. In the background, the US president watches, peering through the border wall.

"The National Guard … of Trump," wrote the cartoon's title.

The Mexican columnist Dennis Dresser shared the photo and the others in the bold description: "Here the National Guard demonstrates a" civic "character, its" respect for human rights ", its" training "to conduct police work, and its ordinary reversal in the border patrol, now in the service of Donald Trump. "

" This is the first time I've seen Mexican authorities hold people, "said photographer Ulises Castellanos in front of the Milenio TV

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"Can the National Guard keep immigrants not to enter the United States?" – asked a journalist – Because you can even see that they divide a family It was very hard, I wanted to ask you to answer those who say that Mexico is building a wall with these 15,000 soldiers from the National Guard at the border. "That's not the case," said Lopez Obrador. "This is more than anything that regulates the entrance to the south, and if these were the case, they were not instructed to do this, which is a job that fits with immigration agents, not military ones, but that could have happened.

The debate about the picture comes weeks after the Mexican authorities agreed to step up the forced administration of immigration, as the Trump administration threatened them with tariffs. border, at its northern border and between them.

This month, a CNN team watched migrants asking for help at a detention center in southern Mexico.

On Monday, Mexico's secretary of defense announced that nearly 15,000 soldiers were stationed on the US-Mexico border. Authorities said Mexico's deportation is on the rise.
  Military officers encircle migrants protesting in front of a refugee in Tapachula, Mexico, on June 18th.