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What tobacco tournaments have changed

Let's be clear: it was not the essence of Donald Trump's letter, which made his critique of Battle and Libra so important last week.

It should be no surprise that this American president will declare a "fancier" of "highly volatile" thin air-based crypto-lights that "facilitates unlawful behavior " or that he prefers and a reliable currency called the "US dollar"

(Anyone who guessed that Trump would be a libertarian advocate of censorship had "fatigue of the swamp," was ill-informed of a man whose government was accumulating with the former executives from Wall Street, who opposed to free trade and immigration, and takes a draconian approach to various civil rights and social freedoms.)

What matters is the fact that a seated president has alluded to the cryptobultures. In fact, in terms of price, the triumphant remarks of Trump are, in the end, positive for the Battleships. On Friday evening, the price of the twin posting reflected this.

More importantly, twittering marks a symbolic moment in the gradual but growing presence that the cryptic is in the public talk of money and politics.

marks the starting point in a titanic battle over the shape of our global monetary system.

Publicity that can not be bought

Why is the trumpet tweet positive for the cost of the battle? Well, the battleship must remain fit to succeed, and that was the smallest recognition from the halls of the power of its significance.

Just by giving him the time of day, Trump has revealed that people within the high levels of the US Power Structure notice the challenge crypto-technology has for him.

It is also important that the twitter came shortly after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, one of America's favorite bags, described the Battlefield, not the Senate. as a means of payment, but as an "alternative to gold … a stock of valuables … a speculative reserve of valuables."

Powell did not say that he saw the battlefield as gold itself; this is a reference to how most bitcoin users are currently handling it, and in this sense it simply states a fact. Yet, she gave some legitimacy to Bitcoin's allegations of replacing this ancient value system with the era of digital technology.

And if we think about how gold was used during the currency-era ̵

1; as a defense against the political risks inherent in national currencies, then that one or two blows could hardly be better for those who claim, that the battock must play that role in the 21st century.

Consider this: they have received the most powerful central banker in the world to describe a battlecock in such conditions. Soon after, an interested politician who occupies the most powerful government in the world showed why you might want such protection .

Increasing the story

All this comes in the context of last month's Facebook sponsored message.

As it was inevitable when a powerful and controversial company launched a new radical idea, the arrival of Libra widened what I like to call the "narrative economy" in which the crypto-valleys flourish.

Potential global impact, based on Facebook's 2.7 billion consumer base, Libra forces people – corporate leaders, bankers, and, most importantly, government leaders – to think and talk about cryptobultures. What triggered Powell's question by Mike Chappo, chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, was the main focus of the Fed Chairman's response. It is obviously what inspires Trump to do with Twitter, given that his triple publication included a line that said Libra would "have a low position or reliability" and would have to look for a bank charter if they wanted to work. let's not forget that this comes just before the next week's Libra hearings, called by the House Financial Services Committee, called by its chairman, Maxine Waters, who warned that the Facebook project could not be allowed compete with the dollar.

The co-ordination between Trump and the Waters on a given matter is only historical. But it also hints at the power struggle in the game. The hot conversation is about the structure of our financial system and the dominance of the intermediaries who run this system: banks that are deeply integrated as they are in our system of government, money and power.

As the guarantors of the dominant currency, the system, the banks – and subsequently the political leaders who decide how to regulate them – can make it difficult for people to use decentralized cryptoLooks like battlefield and corporate currencies such as Libra. Trump's tweety, with a high degree of specificity, seemed suspicious, as if drawn by someone with interests in the banking sector.

But putting a lid on this is not going to be easy for governments. Most cryptoLooks, whether they are battles or scales, are based on open source software. Can these governments prohibit the software? Technically yes, but how would they coordinate around this effort globally, how would they stop it?

Anyway, many central banks suddenly adopt the strategy "if you can not beat them, join them." China Daily announced this week that China is accelerating its plans to produce a digital currency. This came a week after Agustin Carsteins, head of the Bank for International Settlements, said central banks would introduce digital currencies "earlier than we think."

Probably more important, at the time of Libra's announcement last month, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney dropped a bomb indicating that BOE would provide funds for technology companies, apparently moving to Fintech's development in London at a time, when Brexit threatened the banking sector. Opening is a huge opportunity for Libra and other stable companies to provide new "narrow banking" payment services.

Things are going to go wrong, in other words, with private corporate currencies, decentralized crypto-points, and government-run digital currencies. compete for a world championship of money. Thanks to Libra – but really, thanks to Bitcoin ahead of him – the narrative economy surrounding monetary innovations is getting stronger.

Commons Stories

As the noise level increases, more and more people will explore and explore alternatives to mass flowing currencies such as BattleKnight. They will also deal with the opportunities, risks and destructive challenges this choice faces.

In essence, the gigantic collective storyline exercise is pushed into overdrive. Stories have always led to the adoption of new ideas, the building of connective emotional tissue on which social networks and communities around them are formed. And this, in turn – the development of the community around a shared idea – is ultimately what is the basis of the currency.

Trump, who has 62 million followers on Twitter, can have more power than any news network, contributes to this collective storyline exercise. Perhaps it is the character of the film that opposes the HOPLers and the Moon's crypto-enthusiasts, but even in this role, it leads the story – essentially by fueling resistance by encouraging opponents to oppose the counter -the arguments and, of course, memes.

Which leads us to the other factor that ensures that Termin is a twitter, more than any other government official's statement, will be a tool for stimulating buzz and humor around this topic: Twitter alone

Twitter is not just the President's favorite tool for communicating with the public, but also represents the most important segment of the narrative economy of the crypt. If there ever was a community prepared to respond to these three short publications, this is Crypto Twitter, which immediately responds with its special mix of snark, humor and passion.

God knows where all this is going. But one thing is for sure: the carnation of the cripples has just become wild.

Image Credit: a katz / Shutterstock.com

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