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When Megan Mark and Prince Harry will have another baby?

The world was busy celebrating the birth of Megan Marcel and Prince Harry's first child: Archie Harrison. This is an exciting event for the royal family, although some fans are already thinking about the future and are wondering if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would like to have another baby.

Given that Harry's older brother, Prince William, has three of his own children, it makes sense for Harry to ask for more children. When can we expect to see another pregnancy message from Megan? Do they want Megan and Harry?

Megan Marcall and Prince Harry Want More Children

  Megan Marcall and Prince Harry | Chris Jackson / Getty Images </figcaption>
<p>  Things look good for royal fans who want to see Megan and Harry become bigger. Although the couple did not explicitly say she wanted more children, there were hints. </p>
<p>  A few months ago, Harry met a gentleman named Simon Weston. Weston, a veteran of the Falkland Islands, later talked about his conversation with the Duke of Sussex. "We were joking with Wales, who beat England in the six Nations' rugby," Weston said. "I warned him and the duchess that she served him well because they would get a lot of sleepless nights when the baby was born. He said that if he had more than two he would serve him well. "</p>
<p>  A recent source also confirmed to people that Megan and Harry had spoken of another baby:" They definitely want. Megan talks about another. "</p>
<h2>  Megan Mark has to wait at least one year before another child </h2>
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Unlike some women who can get pregnant soon after birth, the experts have advised Megan to wait at least a year. before you become pregnant for a second time, so it will take some time before we hear about another pregnancy message from the Duchess of Sussex.

As Megan is 37, she is considered a geriatric mother – a medical term used to describe pregnant women. According to Julie Jommen, Professor of Obstetrics at Hull University, Megan-age women who conceive six months during their last pregnancy, are at higher risk for maternal mortality. As such, it is advisable to give them some time and draw up a plan with their doctor.

Jommen also pointed out: "The problem is, of course, that older mothers are more likely to plan to bring together babies because they do not have the same luxury in terms of their fertility as a woman would have in his twenties. However, Mum's overall health is an important factor here at risk. In the end, this should be a woman choice, it is important that they are aware of the evidence of the distance between births and that they make their choice based on a well-proven basis. "[19659903] Megan Mark also has other opportunities to raise her family

Of course, if you become pregnant, it is a little risky, Megan can divert and expand her family in other ways, namely through adoption or surrogacy.

A few months ago there were rumors that Megan and Hari accepted the child from Botswana, but they were, in the end, quite unfounded. However, given the fact that the royal couple is known to violate all kinds of royal traditions, they probably are not completely drawn out of the table.

Surrogacy is another great choice for someone like Megan. This is not something that many pals have done, but celebrities such as Kim Kardashian (who is around Megan) have been open to using substitutes for their family because of health problems and helping to eliminate the stigma that surrounds her. At this point, Harrison is not even a month, too early to say what Megan and Harry are planning to have more children in the future. We all just have to wait and see.

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