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Which electric vehicles could reach 500 000 + sales per year?


Posted on March 23, 2019 |
Zachary Shahan

There were 17 models for passenger vehicles that had more than 500,000 worldwide sales in 2018. Zachary Shahan

23 March, 2019

The Tesla 3 model had more than 100,000 sales in 2018 and could have more than 300,000 sales in 2019. move this 500,000 markers per unit. Tesla Y will probably be more popular than model 3, maybe much more popular, and it's hard to imagine that the crossover will not pass 500 000 sales per year. In addition to these two models in the Tesla mass market, which electric vehicles could reach such high annual sales? Before speculating even worse than just was, let's look at the 17 models that were more than 500,000 sales in 2018. They were:

Toyota Corolla –

  • Honda Civic – 833123
  • Volkswagen Golf – 790 567
  • Ford F-series – 1,081,272
  • Toyota RAV4 – 837,486
  • 19659009] Toyota Hilux – 549 985
  • Toyota Camaro – 669,130 ​​
  • Toyota Hilux – 659,191
  • ] Honda Accord – 515,144
  • Volkswagen Lavida – 503,940
  • ( Note: There are slightly different versions of If you do not like )

    (# 9), Toyota Camry (# 9), Hyundai Elantra (# 12), Toyota Corolla (# 1) , and Honda Accord (# 16) – although it is a much better car than any of these . This is amazing and should show how much room to increase Model 3 as more and more people learn about affordable electric supercar because they are testing model 3 because they make calculations for the total cost of ownership as they can buy or rent Model 3, and then as they go forward and do it.

    Model Y, meanwhile, will compete with several other models in this list – the Toyota RAV4, the Volkswagen Tiguan, the Honda CR-V and the Nissan Qashqai. Again, model Y is more expensive in the front, but will be fairly competitive with these vehicles when you look at the total cost of ownership.

    Well, with Tesla off the road (almost), let's take a look at other models of electric vehicles.

    Volkswagen ID3

<h3 style= Volkswagen ID3?

      Volkswagen ID,

    Volkswagen has its hipping ability to produce a Model 3 competitor at a lower price. I do not think the ID3 (or whatever it is called) will really be a competitor in key categories, but if it is a long-term, decent electric car with a pretty cool design for a relatively low price, it has to be a sweet spot in the top market. Volkswagen also emphasizes CleanTechnica that it creates production lines for electric vehicles that aim to produce as many vehicles as the consumer will buy. Of course, we've heard of such things before, but I think Volkswagen is serious.

    As I understand, I.D.3 is a potential replacement for Golf in the long run. As you can see above, Golf is the world's sixth best-selling car in 2018, with almost 800,000 sales.

    Volkswagen I.D. Crozz?

      Volkswagen ID Crozz Electric Car

    И.Д. Crozz is in the class of vehicles in the 2020s. It's shiny, it's bulky and people will want it. There is little clarity about Volkswagen's pricing with this model, but it's Volkswagen so it should be available. There are many cars in the list of 17 above, not so many crossovers or jeeps, but if done correctly, the Crozz ID card can replace the Volkswagen Tiguan, Honda CR-V or Nissan Qashqai – or something else.

    Of course, Volkswagen must first put Crozz on the market as well as others. models

    Volkswagen I.D. VIZZION?

    If Crozz is away, VIZZION is sure. However, we are looking for the potential to cross the marker 500,000 / year ultimately rather than next year. Given that Volkswagen has several models in the list for 2018 and seems to be quite serious about jumping into the revolution of electric vehicles, I suppose one of Volkswagen's largest sedans was introduced to her ID. The site has a 500,000 year shot in 2020. We will see.

    Title: Titel:

    Address: ИD. VIZZION is certainly a nice car but also has a highly futuristic and luxurious look at it. Perhaps Volkswagen will simply reduce some of these luxury features when the car is actually on the market. (This will not be the first time.) Or is this the place where we headed?

    Nissan LEAF?

    Ah, the low, forgotten Nissan LEAF. It is still so little love is still the best-selling electric car in history.

    Maybe you think right now, "How the hell can you compete with LEAF? During all these years, he has not reached nearly 500,000 a year. "I think it is important to pay attention to the battery experience curve and how the LEAF has evolved over the years.

    It is assumed that it will have a better battery again (a much better battery), but still retains similar prices to the previous LEAF. Pricing is already fairly competitive, but I think the bigger potential is what Nissan can do after 2020. Supposing the batteries continue to improve, Nissan may stop increasing the range and start to cut costs. In fact, this could happen in 2019 if it was aggressive. In other words, LEAF can fight ID3 in this price range of $ 25,000 and can even stop up to $ 20,000 if the LEAF goes for gold. Again, I'm not saying that this will happen in 2020 or even in 2021, but think about it – this is quite possible, especially if Nissan removes some features at the low level. And think about it – $ 20,000 LEAF with huge cost savings and a competitive range – that could make the LEAF a powerful, heavy EV model to collapse into cumulative sales. Well, if the LEAF and currently nonexistent models are on the table, one of the most fascinating EVs currently on the market should be, and that's Hyundai Kona EV (2019 CleanTechnica winner of the Car of the Year Award), Kona EV has superb features, attractive design, ideal body class and nice colors.

    The big question at the Kona EV table is whether Hyundai has arranged the batteries to catch up on the demand and be able to produce as many of those crossovers as customers want to go forward. So far we have not seen any evidence of this. Hyundai Kona EV Test Drive ” srcset=”https://cleantechnica.com/files/2019/01/Hyundai-Kona-EV-Test-Drive-3.jpg 1920w, https://cleantechnica.com/files/2019/01/Hyundai-Kona-EV-Test-Drive-3-270×169.jpg 270w, https://cleantechnica.com/files/2019/01/Hyundai-Kona-EV-Test-Drive-3-768×480.jpg 768w, https://cleantechnica.com/files/2019/01/Hyundai-Kona-EV-Test-Drive-3-570×356.jpg 570w” sizes=”(max-width: 1920px) 100vw, 1920px”/>   Hyundai Kona EV Test Drive   Hyundai Kona EV Test Drive   <img class=

    the premium over the Kona gas, but as noted above, the battery cost curve tells us that the Kona EV will be the more competitive option a day and the gas will go away. Hyundai continues to grow as competitors lose sales, so while Kona is currently not more than 500,000, I could see the electric version that runs 500,000 a day – maybe.

    Kia Niro EV?

      Kia Niro EV

    Kia Niro EV, to be honest, is not so different from the Hyundai Kona EV. There are some differences with regard to several dimensions and design, but it is easy to mix these patterns (this happens a lot) and they share very similar characteristics.

    Kia is not the top 20 on the list like Hyundai. and the difference in branding is likely to take place with EV models. However, Niro EV is another insurmountable option. If he sees price cuts over time and if Kia secures the necessary supplies for the batteries to meet the demand, it could be a big slam electric model that crushes it in global sales of one day.



    Tesla Pickup?

    I'm sure you have not escaped the fact that the Ford F-Series is the second-best selling model in the world last year, and that several other pickups have made over 500,000 sales in 2018. As such, many consumers – and Elon Musk – are extremely excited about the coming Tesla pickup, which will be unveiled later this year. Given Tesla's success with Model S, Model X, Model 3 and Model Y, there are great expectations for Pickup. It seems Musk has tried to worsen these expectations by pointing out that he is an extremely unique model and may not answer everyone but also says that it is Tesla's product that is most excited.

    Tesla Model 2

    Another Tesla model that can not show a real picture is model 2. Oh, yes, that's just the name I give, Tesla did not use that term. as far as I have seen. I'm not sure if some real work has been done in designing this vehicle, but after turning a little, Elon recently said that Tesla could produce a smaller and lower model than model 3 on the road. I suppose this is in the park with $ 25,000-30,000 and that the model will be called Model 2. Assuming it happens, we will certainly have to wait at least a few years for it. However, if it comes out, I can not see how a Tesla model for less than $ 30,000 may not sell more than 500,000 units per year.

    Ford F-Series Electric? As mentioned above, the Ford F-Series is the second vehicle in the world last year in terms of sales. If you think the industry will progressively move to 100% electric vehicles – and I – you can expect that some of these models will continue to be on the list after 10 years. Of course, some models (and companies) will disappear, but some will really electrify, and Ford says it works on an electric version of the F-Series. I expect Ford can do a decent job on this issue and eventually sell more than 500,000 electric trucks of the F series for a year. Even if it fails before, let's recall that it was one of the three largest automakers that was not saved by the US government.

    GM has a very serious job in electric motors. He received the Bolt EV for marketing before any other car manufacturer had a long range electric car in the price range of that car. Besides, for a long time, he kept the word on that model. I suppose he works on an electric pickup and wants to be back on the market. Maybe Silverado Electric? Probably not, as GM likes to give its new EV names, but let's now call it Silverado Electric. As battery and production technology continues to improve (ie, they are constantly reducing costs), this time the truck must really be competitive. Even if is to that does not mean will – at least not for a few years – but let's hope a little.

    Some other ideas?

    All models you think you do not have to be on this list of opportunities?

    Want to go out on a long, thin limb and predict when specific models will hit more than 500,000 sales a year?

    Interested in buying Tesla? You need a forwarding code to get 1000 miles free of charge Supercharging. Use ours: http://ts.la/tomasz7234 (or not – to you).

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