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Why Christina Ansted has “no plans” to return with her ex-husband Ant

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Fox news anchor Shepard Smith vows to fight disinformation with new CNBC show

Unlike President Donald Bill’s attorney general, Shepard Smith does not believe that New York is a dystopian jurisdiction of “anarchy, violence and destruction.” This was the statement in the note of the Ministry of Justice from last week, threatening to cut the federal tax dollars to the city. “You know, man, I go out in Greenwich Village and there̵

7;s open-air restaurants everywhere,” CNBC’s latest star told The Daily Beast of that familiar thriving voice emanating slightly from the roots of his small town in Mississippi as he prepared for the debut of The News with Shepard Smith on Wednesday night, a one-hour show that replaces the broadcast of Shark Tank at 7 p.m. “And I left the Red Lion that night” – the famous live music venue in Greenwich Village – “and there was an amazing singer and guitarist at the door and they had socially remote tables right on Bleecker Street and it was fantastic,” Smith continued. “New York was alive, the people were out and right with each other.” Receiving a positive rhapsody, Smith continued, “I live in the countryside. How many languages ​​and all kinds of people from every place on the planet! I used to go to the subway station and hear every language on the way – sometimes English. And all these people from all these places are doing the same thing. They are kind to each other, wearing their masks and standing apart. I loved him. Shepard Smith leaves Fox News after clashes with colleagues Without saying exactly that, the 56-year-old Smith firmly and benevolently rejected most of the messages – whether it’s immigrants, COVID-19 or the alleged lawlessness of Blue State cities – coming out and without mentioning the president’s name, Smith, a megadonor of the Committee to Protect Journalists ($ 500,000, a check he wrote last November when he issued the group’s annual fundraising dinner), also taunted Trump for repeated ridicule. on MSNBC’s anchor Ali Welsh during his rubber bullet rallies (“beautiful sight,” Trump likes to rejoice) as he covered a peaceful demonstration in Minneapolis against the alleged murder of George Floyd by a cop. he should never be glorified or forgiven, “Smith told The Daily Beast. “I do not wish harm to anyone. My colleagues, friends and family don’t either. Leaders have the power to inspire and influence. This power, used properly, can make us better. I hope we cannot agree with kindness and respect. In Fox News, where he flourished for nearly a quarter of a century, Smith was a rarity – an increasingly serious critic of Trump’s lies, his “crazy … ridiculous discards,” his campaign of sympathy with Russian operatives, and his attacks on journalists; Trump, of course, returned the favor, mocking the “low-ranking Shep Smith” (even though he was constantly crushing his rivals on CNN and MSNBC) as “WITHOUT HOPE AND WITHOUT A KEY!” And yet when Smith was asked why left Fox News last October – a blow-inducing reversal just 18 months after he signed a lucrative multi-year deal to continue the right-leaning cable channel – its natural smoothness becoming truncated and sudden, as if performing a parody of Hemingway. “I have decided to leave. I left. And that’s it, “Smith said of his departure, which – seconds after it aired on October 11 – stunned colleagues like Neil Cavuto (” Wow … I’m a little stunned and a little heartbroken “), Brett Bayer ( (“It caused a little shock for us here today”) and John Roberts (“I … was suddenly hit by a subway train. Holy Mackerel!”). In his latest news release, Smith told viewers: “I recently asked the company to let me to leave Fox News and start a new chapter. Once they asked me to stay, they made a commitment. ” I’m not talking about money because my mother told me it wasn’t polite, “joked Smith), as he could no longer stick to conspiracy theories, fantasy claims and pro-Trump propaganda pushed by some colleagues. his from Fox News, especially hosts Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham. The last straw, according to a friend who is in constant contact with Smith, was his on-air relationship with Carlson last September over an insult to local Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano, a former New Jersey referee, by one of Carlson’s guests. In an afternoon broadcast, Smith Napolitano said Trump’s tacit attempt to force Ukraine’s president to launch an investigation into Joe Biden in exchange for military aid provided by Congress was a crime. Tonight, Carlson’s guest Joe Digenova, a fiercely pro-Trump former U.S. lawyer called Napolitano a “fool,” with zero resistance from Carlson. “The attack on our colleague, who is here to offer legal assessments, on our airwaves. , in our workhouse, it’s disgusting, “Smith said grimly the next day, urging Carlson to invite Digenova again at night and sniff,” Vicious! It’s not clear if it was you or me, but someone is disgusting. Shep Smith Hammers Fox News Guest for “Repugnant” Attack on fellow judge NapolitanoSmith, his friend said, was disappointed and angry that Fox News CEO Susanie Scott and news president Jay Wallace, Smith’s longtime producer, did nothing to to stop the obscene public feud that Fox News founder Roger Ailes would never have resolved – hastening his decision. Asked about this, Smith did not contradict him, but he was the soul of tact and diplomacy. “I was there for 23 years,” he said, “and my goal was always the same – to seek the truth, to find the truth and tell the truth, and then have fun doing it.” We need to have a little fun in life and we need to find people who do everything that is terrible, better – heroes in chaos, because I cover a lot of chaos. “And while I was there, I made lifelong friends. I was lucky enough to be able to make my first history project and decided I wanted a change. And I did. And one of the things that is constant in my life is that I have to make a lot of decisions. We all do. This is part of my life at work. I’m one of those people who makes decisions, and when I do, that’s all. Because there are too many other things that need to be done. “Smith’s departure came more than three years after the disgraced Ayles resigned amid allegations of sexual misconduct and two years after his death in May 2017.” I loved him, “Smith told viewers in emotional homage to his late mentor and a cheerleader, a man, he admitted, with well-documented flaws. ”Almost four years later, Smith said briefly,“ I think Roger wanted news. And he wanted to break the news. And I did. And I’m glad I did. And I’m glad I moved on to a new challenge. Smith said CNBC’s program – which will draw on the journalistic resources of NBC News, a division of the company that Trump continues to call “Concast” – would be different from what he was doing at Fox, where news reports were often interrupted by students. “We will broadcast a news broadcast,” he said. “We will seek the truth and we will find the truth and we will tell the truth, in context and with perspective. We will have experts and we will have journalists. But we will not have specialists and opinions. “Smith said, ‘I think it all goes in about six buckets these days.’ I think there is politics and there is COVID and besides there is the information age and all the changes, there is social justice and how we should have it, there is income inequality and how it will kill us if we allow it, and there is climate change that is more good to pay attention or we will wake up one day and say that this period was a walk. Everything in life goes in these buckets and we will focus on that. “Although Smith acknowledges that politics, namely the future of the Senate and Biden v. Trump, are likely to dominate his newscasts for a long time to come.” “This is the season.” “It’s not my favorite thing,” he said. “There are a lot of daily plans there. I like people’s stories. I like to cover things that affect people’s daily lives. Like now. Everything in life has changed in one way or another, and I think documenting the way we live in this new norm, which is constantly changing, is important and interesting. Smith also said he would do fact-checking, politically, and otherwise that distinguished his work at Fox News. “I’m most worried about misinformation,” he said. “I’m worried about deep fakes and I’m worried about people living in an information hole, which is actually a non-information hole … This is quite new in the rainbow. It is brand new. And we need to learn how to cause misinformation and misinformation, because it harms society. So this is one thing we will do. He added a warning note against the “shiny object.” So many people – business leaders, CEOs, politicians – are throwing a shiny object to try to distract you from what’s going on. We will call this – maybe not every day, but some days I think there will be more than one shiny object. We should not be distracted. Smith, who prefers to keep his privacy private, has increasingly revealed in recent years that he is a gay man in a long-term relationship with 33-year-old Giovanni “Joe” Graziano, a former Fox Producer of the News and Fox Business Network, who nowadays, he manages his mutual finances among other pursuits, such as academics and caring for his four-year-old Italian Water Dog, the Lafoto Romagnolo, blowing truffles named Lucia. When asked on Friday about the upcoming Supreme Court nomination of former Antonine Scalia official Amy Connie Barrett and her potential impact on recently awarded LGBTQ rights such as marriage – and whether a 6 to 3 conservative majority in court could jeopardize those rights – Smith sounded he is not a worried or not a brave person. “We were not granted rights! We already had them! He exploded. “They were there from the Constitution. And that’s it. In America, people do not take away their rights. This is not America. That’s not what America does. America does not take away rights. America makes sure that everyone exercises their rights, which are irrevocable and donated by the Creator. That’s what America does. I have not met anyone at any level or anywhere who wants to take away the rights granted to me by the Constitution. I have not met the person who wants to do this. This will not happen. “Smith burst out laughing when asked if he and Joe could consider exercising their right to marry.” “I don’t know that we need a government involved in our relationship,” he said with a laugh. “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. I don’t know. I don’t know anything. I’m extremely happy and I hope nothing changes.” Read more in The Daily Beast Do you have any advice Send it to The Daily Beast here Get our best stories in your inbox every day Register now Daily Beast membership: Beast Inside delves into the stories that matter for you.Learn more.

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