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Why did I just buy AirPods for Amazon Prime Day, although I do not need them

Confession: I bought the Apple AirPods 2019 on the Amazon Prime Day, although technically not needed . After all, I have the original AirPods from the end of 2017.

There are several reasons why I made the purchase today after much consideration. Of course, it has new features such as contactless "Hey Siri" and wireless charging. But the benefits that made me upgrade are insignificant compared to that. AirPods are selling today for Amazon Prime Day

I was waiting for Amazon Prime Day 2019 to trade to buy many things . I mean, I've bound supplies like garbage bags, detergents, and even flexible bubbles – all sold and finally bought today. I need new sunglasses, but I have not taken them yet. I've earned $ 50 for supplies at the end of the day.

The same purposeful delay is applied to "AirPods 2" with a wireless charge. I do not need it right away, so paying $ 30 less for the wireless boot version for 1

6 weeks after the first release, I made a lot of sense to me.

Here's how much they're selling for in the US and the UK.

Note in the US: I saved an extra $ 9.01 by choosing the No-Rush Shipping option. Amazon can do this for two reasons: AirPods will be very popular today, and each employee of Amazon and UPS drivers will overload anything delivered over the next two days. This gives them an expiration from receiving a popular item. For Amazon this should cost $ 9.01.

Upgraded AirPods 2019, without wireless charging, are also sold today. They contain the "Hey Siri" function and a slightly longer battery life.

2. I sell my old AirPods while they value

If I sell AirPods, it should be in 2019 to cost something valuable. Over time, the battery life will be damaged and the sound will decrease. It is enough that someone else can enjoy another year or two (probably a family member, as I would not want to reload a stranger for something that has a limited life). technology to finance the purchase of new gadgets. This is how to fund the purchase of iPhone XS Max, Apple Watch 3 and MacBook Pro. Get rid of things while they still have value to them

3. Released battery life is the main reason

My current AirPods from 2017 continue for about four hours between charges, which I think is still impressive. He's longer than other people I've talked to telling me about battery life issues. Someone in my family will find four hours, and ultimately three hours, just fine for their purposes. It's nice to just drop it on the bootloader and forget about it without having to plug lighting cables into the AirPods case. So now is the right time to get AirPods 2nd Generation. During my first major sale, but not exactly against the release date of AirPods 2.

  • I suppose finding the Hey Siri function is useful in New York. The AirPods microphone improves speech from other genuine wireless headphones I've tested. And I always carry things in my hands. Asking Siri to perform a specific song without hands as he walks down the streets of New York will be a bit, as Apple says, magically.

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