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Why Donald Trump's plan will not end the closure of the government

But as they vote on many different plans, this new phase of their confrontation is more likely to reveal the gap between them than to complete the longest federal closure in history soon. still in the impasse now almost a month, offering temporary protections for some undocumented immigrants in return for funding of $ 5.7 billion for his border wall

As Republicans see it, Trump's speech by the White House is a state effort to meet

"This is a robust compromise the two sides must accept," Trump said.

But the plan agreed in the White House and among the Republicans has never been. is likely to attract the support of Democrats, as it does not deal with them very much. Democrats urge the government to resume before embarking on talks on tough immigration issues. So the question is whether it will be more successful for the president to pass on the blame he currently carries on the closure of the Democrats.

In many ways, Trump's approach is familiar. The president caused a crisis last month by shutting down the government in his latest bid to get taxpayer money for a wall that is crucial to his political position and that he said Mexico would pay. His trade wars with American allies, he proposes a plan to end the crisis he has caused, which does not address the problem entirely, but he can sell it as something that everyone has to sign. move to Democrats by offering a three-year deferral of deportation for undocumented migrants brought to the United States as children and protecting thousands of other migrants.

And by shaping his wall as "steel barriers at high priority places" in speech, not a concrete slab from "sea to brilliant sea", the president also seems to soften his position.

His plan allows more Republicans to claim that he is making efforts and that the Pelosi Democrats are on the way to resuming the government.

"In order for the president to put it there, I think it is a courageous move," said Mr. Adam Kinccier, a Republican from Illinois, CNN said on Sunday. "For Democrats simply to reject it because there is a barrier ̵

1; come back with a controversial proposal that is serious, but not one that says it is a controversial proposal but in no way will we talk about a barrier." Even hinting at concessions, Trump angered extreme right-wing experts like Ann Coulter, who shook the "amnesty" in the back reaction that made him give up.

from compromising immigration solutions in the past.

Trump spent Sunday shipping tweets designed to protect his right flank by denying his plan equated to the amnesty for immigrants covered by the program of delayed action for childhood.

pressure on Pelosi – offending his hometown.

Nancy Pelosi has been so irrational and has gone so far to her left that she has officially become a radical Democrat, so she is so faded by her "left" party who has lost on ontrol … And by the way , cleaning the streets of San Francisco, they are disgusting! "Pilosy in his latest commitment to the duel of power that will define Washington for the next two years, writes to Trump, though she rejected his insults in a sign that the Democrats are still believe they have a stronger faith.

"@ realDonaldTrump, 800,000 Americans go unpaid, reopen the government, let the workers get their wages and then we can discuss how we can unite to protect the border." #EndTheShutdown "

She did not even wait for the speech of Trump on Saturday to mark her as an unborn.

One reason is that a series of recent polls find that society accuses Trump for more than the Democrats of the situation.

Democrats see Trump's plan as the top priority – the wall – but offer little in return. The wall will be permanent, while the protection of the DACS recipients will be temporary and they will be able to be held again as hostages. So he offers a short-term extension of the uncertainty he himself has created. If the White House offered steady protection on the road to citizenship, its offer could cheat Democrats – but that would cause a storm among Trump's main voters.

"My opposition will be what we put on the table a year ago and voted for, which is protecting all dreamers, protecting the status of TPS," said the Democratic senator and the new presidential candidate in 2020. Kirsten Gillibrand of the "State of Union" of CNN.

"We, as Democrats, are certainly taking care of national security and borders," said Gillibrand, clearly saying he would vote for comprehensive border security, but not for Trump's wall – a distinction that could potentially will be finalized in every last deal to allow both sides to declare a victory is that Trump needs to open the government before embarking on immigration negotiations, otherwise the fear is that he can use the same tactics to understand the majority in the Democratic in the future, of his promise to build the wall – even if it is an empty version of his original vision.

Democrats see the last offer as a simple effort by the White House to relieve Trump's political situation, so they have little incentive to

"I think the Vice President and the President know what he announced yesterday that the president will not go anywhere," said Adam Shif, a Democrat from California, at CBS "Face the Nation."

"It was not intended. I think it was an effort to support the President's missed votes. He did not do anything to bring us closer. "

McConnell's Return

The question in the coming days is whether Democrats can keep politics higher or whether voters who are not fully aware of the intricacies of the closure will see Trump's efforts and begin to blame more evenly between the president and his opponents

The policy of closure can also be changed by the resurrection of the Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnel after weeks of unusual invisibility

Republican Kentucky promised to offer Trump's Senate bid this week, along with other incentives to moderate Senators from Democrats to disrupt his party line

Phil Mattingley of CNN announced on Saturday that the package would include expanding the Violence against Women Act, and the President's plan for hundreds of millions in the field of humanitarian aid and drug detection technology.

For Senate Republicans, Trump's proposal has the merit of allowing them to unite to open the government and could ease the concerns of some moderate members who are afraid of the impact of closure in 2020

Democrats will oppose the fact that Parliament has voted several times to open the government, but the Senate has refused to take any measure that Trump will not sign. this week for a new plan to add an additional $ 1 billion to border security, not including the wall. Like Trump's plan, it is unlikely he will put an end to stopping, but it will help to deny the allegations that they are weak on the border.

As each camera takes dueling measures to put an end to the suspension and the president keeps acting, it will look like Washington again. plays his political games and ignores the victims of the closure.

But maybe a period of legislative maneuver could eventually lead to a thin overlap in each party's position, which could open the way for scam on the Capitol Hill.

It may take some time, a fact that will not comfort federal workers, victims of their own government.

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