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Why is the CEO of Overstock.com recording in the history of Trump-Russia?

The CEO of Overstock.com wants the public to know that he is a big part of Trump-Russia history.

According to a press release issued by the publicly traded company after Monday's trading hours, CEO Patrick Byrne wants you to know two things:

  1. Byrne helps Black Men – that is, federal authorities – and
  2. Warren Buffett reminded him to warn Bill Bar and the press to point 1.

This story may sound fantastic, but it attracts attention. Fox News focused on elements of history as a lawyer for alleged Russian influence agent Maria Butina sent a letter to the Justice Department asking to investigate Byrne's allegations.

Meanwhile, in the two days that Overstock's chief executive officer issued the statement, the company's shares fell more than 36 percent amid overall market sales.

And what is Byrne talking about?

It's hard to say at first. Byrne, a financier of right-wing politicians, avoids specifics: his marketing statement Monday is "The tempted CEO comments on Deep State, declines further comment."

But in a statement to TPM, Byrne said he was "ethically obligated" to speak .

"Watching my country fall apart when I know the truth is rigid," Byrne said. "It got to the point where people drove 600 miles to shoot 20 strangers. I decided that as a conscience I had to tell the truth, let the chips fall where they could.

His previous remarks ̵

1; and those of other household players in the ongoing Trump-Russia saga – offer several additional suggestions. Byrne wrote in a statement that Fox News contributor Sarah Carter had written exactly about her position on her blog and that it "partially" confirmed what Carter had written.

Carter "interrupted" the story of Byrne last month, which received significant pick-up in the conservative media. In that story, the Opkust executive said he had an affair with Butina, during which he found supporting evidence that would have helped the Butin case, and accused prosecutors of having withheld it.

Byrne's claims prompted Butina's lawyer Robert Driscoll to send an angry letter to John Durham, a former US attorney authorized by Attorney General Bill Bar, to conduct a civilian review of the origins of the FBI investigation in the 2016 elections Driscoll also sent the letter to DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who is conducting a separate investigation into the FBI's work with Russiagate.

A DOJ spokesman declined comment to TPM.

But Byrne's statements this week seem to reveal that he is under the impression that he is a major source for Durham.

One hour before Overstock published its press release, Carter published a story stating that Byrne had stopped political establishment by giving "emails and text messages" to the Durham investigation.

"This will become the largest political scandal in US history," Byrne quoted in Carter's history.

That same day, Berne took to Fox to state that – as a result of the Durham investigation – Bar was about to clear the so-called "deep state."

"It has a deep state of being a submarine lurking just below the depths of the periscope watching our sails," Byrne told Fox Business on Monday. "And a nuclear breaker called the USS Bill Barr has thrown at them and is about to break into the middle."

Byrne's actions may be surprising. His statements have knocked over one-third of his company value and he has so far failed to publicly provide evidence to support or further summarize his claims.

But he has a history with bizarre statements. In 2005, he held a one-hour conference call blaming someone called "Sith Lord" for financial problems at his company and campaigning for the illicit sale of short sales. Elsewhere, he argues that the financial system is facing impending doom and that bitcoin is the way out. But as Marketwatch columnist Teresa Flight points out, this last episode is even strange to Byrne.

In any case, Byrne informs the world what he will do as his company value continues to move after the comments and the overall stock market downturn.

"I plan to sit back and watch the United States Department of Justice restore the rule of law in our country," he said in a conclusion to his statement on Monday.

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