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NFL draft class and what it means for the future, Monday, May 3, 2021.

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With the NFL drawing for 2021, written in ink, it’s time to gather estimates and analyzes from drafts across the country and see what they say about Detroit Extraction of lions.

A sample of project experts shows favorable reviews for the new general manager Brad Holmes in his first project with the Lions. Yes, recovery is in progress.

Our owner Dave Birkett gave his summary over the weekend, including his favorite picks, top coverage and more, and our Carlos Monarrez fixed the Lions’ winners and losers in the draft.

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As a reminder, the Lions chose seven players: Oregon OT Peney Sewell (1-7), Washington DT Levy Onvuzurike (2-41), North Carolina, DT Alim McNeill (3-72), Syracuse CB Ifeatu Melifonwu (3-101) , USC WR Amon-Ra St. Brown (4-112), Purdue LB Derrick Barnes (4-113), Oregon State RB Jermar Jefferson (7-257).

Here’s an edited look at the Lions’ draft ratings – Click on the name / network for the full breakdown. Let’s start at home first:

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“I gave the lions A, four B and two D. This averages either to high C or to low B. I didn’t like the way the lions started this project, but by forgiving the optimist I am, I credit them for completing strong, creating additional project choices, filling in needs and possibly getting a few skill robberies in St. Brown and Jefferson. “

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“It wasn’t sexy, but the state of this list shouldn’t have been given. The first three photos filled the trenches for an organization that wants to be tougher. Holmes waited until the fourth round for a successor, but got a good one in St. Brown. will not be told until the lions use the first-graders of 2022 and 2023, which they acquired in the trade with Matthew Stafford. “

“The Lions got big, big, big with their first three picks, which is the right way to build a team. With Chris Spielman and Dan Campbell, who called the punches along with GM Brad Holmes, you knew they were going to pick big players. I like that. . “

“Detroit made a point to improve in both trenches earlier and later got a good depth of backing and backing. Sewell was an unbeatable way to come out swing. St. Brown is the perfect slot receiver for them for the TJ Hockenson playoffs” The Lions they haven’t turned to the wide receiver a few times, but it’s a real blow to an important class for their final recovery. “

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“I really thought the best thing for Detroit was to trade to get more assets. … Peney Sewell is a stellar alternative, a franchise fight that is great both as a pass defender and as a blocking run. The Lions will use him on the right side against Taylor Decker for now and that gives them two great book distributions.

“With three Day 2 picks, I was surprised that they went through two defensive battles, but it’s clear that they see the interior as a massive hole. And yet … The wide graphics of the Lions’ receivers is one of the worst in the league. .

“Amon-Ra St. Brown (112) went nearly 30 seats lower than I had on board, so it’s a nice choice and some buyout for handing out brochures in Round 3.”

“Pewell’s score of 95.8 PFF in 2019, the last season he played college football, is even more impressive because he was only 19 at the time. Sewell can deal with lions over the next decade.

“St. Brown has good body control, offers value after catch, can drive a full tree on the route and has been consistently productive at USC, generating 2.11 yards on a route traveled throughout his career. St. Brown may need to start immediately for Detroit. “

“Listen: The Lions had to make at least two wide receivers and they had to make a wide receiver in the first three rounds. The good players were available at these values ​​on the wide receiver – it’s not like they didn’t have the opportunity. to like the value of Sewell / Onwuzurike / McNeill / Barnes and to respect the approach of attacking BPA in a multi-year recovery, yes … I’ll fuck you for not taking WR. “

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“In my career as a writer in the NFL, I’m not sure I’ve ever written anything good about the Lions, but it’s about to change! They had a legitimately good project. Sewell fell to them at number 7. It was almost the best case scenario. It’s a great first-class prospect, we didn’t need to rethink it.

“Detroit seems to be committed to building long distances, which is smart given the state of the list. If you’re a Lion fan, you should be excited about GM’s first Brad Holmes project.”

“A player in the top 5 on my board, Sewell was the perfect first addition to a new regime tasked with restarting the franchise. At just 20 years old, the combination of big man’s balance and natural instincts is unusual, which should allow him to start as a rookie and make it one of the best decisions in the league. “

“Give the former a tight end to the NFL’s propensity to inflict pain on the keys to the project room, and that’s exactly what you’d expect. Their first three choices … were a solid groundbreaking forward.

“Sewell is giving the lions serious tension up front. … With Green Bay in the division, it makes sense to move towards a stronger philosophy with ball control, which the lions are constantly winning on the line.

“If the ‘knee hipster’ is applied to a member of the secondary, Melifonwu can fit in the bill. There is a rolodex of plays showing 6-3 defensive backs that get smaller extensions at the point of capture.”

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He did not make assessments, instead explaining the “best choice” of each team. For the Lions, he lists Sewell.

“For a recovery organization with a new coaching staff, landing on a basic tool is a change of game. I keep saying that it’s a $ 20 taxi ride around Sewell in a hurry because of its length and it shows a really good hand position on the original. his shot on defense when passing, but he will also strike as a blocking move, with elite foot speed as a blocking zone and power to move defenders from the ball.

“One thing I wonder about: How will Sewell adjust to the right fighting position? The Lions are dragging him with Taylor Decker on the left. But I’m not too worried about that; Sewell is a problem for defenders, no matter where you are. set it up. “