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Why Stays Slim and Difficult? Evolution can be guilty

It's not easy to maintain a healthy weight. Even when you lose a few pounds, they often return.

Why does the body seem to promote obesity?

New research suggests that the answer is far away in human evolution, with a mechanism against hunger that reconciles the key to this mechanism is a protein called "RAGE", according to NYU scientists working with mice. They believe that RAGE evolved to protect old people from starvation when food was scarce.

But today, during abundance, there is a problem in work: RAGE is produced to combat cellular stress caused by overeating [19599005]. and so it excludes the body's ability to burn fat. The result: fat becomes easy to accumulate, but it's hard to lose.

However, there is a silver lining for all this, say the team at New York University, as research can lead to anti-obesity drugs

The Long Way

"Our thinking is, "When we put mice without RAGE on a diet high in fat, they eat the food but do not become obese," said study author Anne Marie Schmidt of the University of Medicine at New York University. And the lack of RAGE seemed safe, at least for mice. "When you completely erase RAGE in mice, they have normal reproduction and no knowledge problems," she said.

Researchers hope that RAGE appears to be active only during metabolic stress rather than during everyday functions. will not cause any problems.

But still do not attach your hopes to RAGE-eradicating drugs.

Schmidt quickly noted that any such medicine is far away, as research is currently in mice. Results from animal studies do not always translate into humans.

Schmitt said the potential was exciting. In addition to limiting the body's ability to burn fat, RAGE can also contribute to inflammation in the body. Thus, along with the obliteration of obesity, removal of RAGE protein may help with some of the inflammatory effects of obesity, such as diabetes, cancer, arterial stiffening, and Alzheimer's, according to researchers. There is no magic bullet for obesity Dr. Michael Wood, medical director for barrier (weight loss) surgery at Harper's University Hospital at the Detroit Medical Center, said the study was interesting, though very early. Wood said that "obesity is a very complex problem, and I think these findings are too simplified." But Wood noted that RAGE protein could play an overweight role. It is just not likely the factor in the development of obesity.

"I do not think there is a key or something that can solve this complex problem." There is no magic bullet about obesity, "he said.

Right now, if someone wants to lose weight, they have to engage in changes in lifestyle, said Wood. And this is true, even if someone has a weight loss surgery. He added that the most significant change came from consuming fewer calories. Exercise is a healthy habit, but only a small component of weight loss.

The study was published online on July 1

6 in Cell Reports . Funding is provided by the American Heart Association, the American Health Service and the American Diabetes Association.


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