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Why Stephen A. Smith is wrong about George Keatle and Travis Keltze

Jimmy Ward hadn’t watched a Super Bowl LIV movie in a month, maybe two. The metaphorical wounds were too fresh, too painful, to endure the replay of the way the 49ers blew the double-digit fourth-quarter lead of Kansas city officials with detailed detail.

Time turned tears into scars and hardened raw emotions, enough for the free safety of the 49ers to view the game as a learning tool. Ward hasn’t scanned it once. She watched it over and over, maybe 20 times in all.

Watching him critically dulled the heartache, but not the motivation. Count Ward, among those driven by dreams of returning, reached the Super Bowl again and won the damn thing.

However, he put it in the right perspective. Ward knows that the 49 days can̵

7;t win the Super Bowl in August. He cannot win it on February 7, 2021, without doing what is required every day before.

“I hear a lot of my teammates say they want to go back to this place and win it,” Ward said during a video conference on Tuesday. “This is what everyone wants to do, get to the Super Bowl and win it. My approach is to take it one by one, one game at a time. I’ve been in that position, so I’ve seen what it takes to get to the Super Bowl, but you can’t miss the first game of the season.

“I can’t watch the last practice tomorrow. I just have to do everything the right way.”


This cliché for every day is easy to say, extremely difficult to make for a team that was only minutes away from the championship and let it slip away. It is human to dream of correcting a mistake immediately.

Spend all your time looking at the horizon and you will travel over a rock at your feet. This happens to runners-up so often that there is a term for it.

The scary Super Bowl hangover.

He can influence teams that win a title, but he defeats teams that start empty-handed. Each team that loses a championship game wants to win the next one.

History says so hard,,

Only three teams won the Super Bowl after losing it a year ago. The Cowboys in Dallas did it in the 1971 season, the Dolphins in Miami won every game and title in the 1972 campaign, and the New England Patriots recovered well and won everything after the 2018 season.

This is a short list, given how many triplets there are. Minnesota, Denver and New England returned to the title game and lost again. We all remember the bills from the early 90’s that made four straight Super Cups and lost each one.

49ers are certainly able to go on a redemption tour. They have all the talent and coaching needed to win a tidy NFC West, go into the deep playoffs and play in Tampa for the Super Bowl LV.

Anything less would seem to be a disappointment. Awareness of high expectations cannot happen if players are still living in the past. They cannot make dreams come true by missing steps. That’s why Ward’s philosophy must penetrate the 49ers’ locker room.

Safety Taking Yakiski Tart on the subject suggests that there is.

“Everyone has the same mindset,” Tart said. “Do everything there and don’t win leaves this sick feeling in you. We want to return to this stage and win everything. “

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The demon exercise does not happen in a day. It takes discipline over hundreds of them, and the emotion of a missed opportunity cannot nourish you forever. The 49 days must be embraced to meet expectations and do what several teams have done, return to the Super Bowl and win it.

“I just feel like you have to get over it,” Ward said, “and think about how you can get better at Game 1.”

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