Fraud acceptance at college with Laurie Lowin and Felicity Haffman shows how some rich families use a "side door" for a game that is already an unfair education system.
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The Justice Department says it does not plan to take pictures of actresses Laurie Laflin and Felicity Haffman, a move that will surely disappoint everyone who enjoys the schadenfreude factor in mass college.

Loughlin, who, along with her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, has been charged with bribery at South California University, and Huffman, who claims to have paid a college examiner, is accused of denial. honest services for the rest of the public. Why can not the public then see their booking photos?

The Department of Justice and US Marshals say their rules prohibit the posting of photos because it does not meet the needs of the agencies if the person in question has already been detained. In other words, placing them after the arrest serves only the public charm.

What have they done? What were Loflin and Hafman accused of? Loughlin: "Full House" star issued on $ 1 million bond Can fly to Canada for work

Huffman: The Desperate Housewives star, released on a $ 250.00 bond, travel limited

This photo Felicity Huffman at the US court building in Los Angeles on Tuesday may be the closest audience to see her photo. (Photo: DAVID MCNEW, AFP / Getty Images)

Websites of Office of the US marshals, who is charged with the arrest of fugitives and transporting prisoners and witnesses said may publish photographs of criminals for help in catching criminals still Lama. But "after being arrested, the general rule is that no release should be allowed, because (release) of this prisoner's pictures in the media or the public will not serve law enforcement purposes."

DOJ spokesperson Elizabeth McCarthy said USA TODAY Agency follows the same guidelines.

There is still a chance that the photos will come out through a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request but the filing does not guarantee their release.

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According to USMS, "reservation photos are usually not subject to discretionary release under the Privacy Act, are located in the protection systems protected by the Privacy Act. " The agency stated that its lawyers' general office should determine whether the applicant has done the necessary to show that the public interest in the requested photo of the booking exceeds the confidentiality pledge or that other factors specific to the particular request for freedom of information require the processing of the this request. " Can Career of Haffmann and Laflin to recover from bribery fraud? Life has not imitated art: The character of Full House of Laflin moves high in Preschool [19659908] Scam


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