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Why Ukraine has become obese in the US application

Three-component compositions show Rudy Giuliani, Paul Mannorth, and Joe Biden. "Joe Biden's Democrat is part of the story

This is a story long thought dead and buried, but the statement that Ukraine actively works with American Democrats to damage Donald Trump's election in 2016 was resumed by the Chief Prosecutor in Kiev.

President Trump's personal attorney, Rudi Giuliani, has repeatedly called on Ukraine to investigate the allegations of collusion in favor of Hillary Clinton, and he was in regular contact with Chief Prosecutor Yuri Lutsenko.

Now, Mr. Luzenko breathed new life into history, announcing a new investigation. and citing a court ruling that the Ukrainians have illegally intervened in the 201

6 election.

Mr Giuliani also wants Kiev to consider allegations that the former vice president and Democrat candidate, 2020, Joe Biden might have made the Prosecutor General of Ukraine to help his son

Was there a collusion?

69-year-old Manavourt was arrested by a US court in March for fraud, partly because of his job as a pro-Russian political advisor in the summer of 2016.

The story of collusion is based on the publication of a "black book" party in Ukraine before becoming president The campaign manager of Donald Trump

  • Former Ex-Trump campaign leader convicted of fraud
  • Mannorth: The previous presidency of the Trump campaign

These were the black disclosures of payments forced Mannorth to n run the campaign of Trump. that there are secret agreements, including Mr Giuliani, claim that the book may be fake and that it has been maliciously leaked after contacts between Mr Trump's Democrats and Ukrainian diplomats.

The Chief Prosecutor of Ukraine has claimed Mr Juliani to raise this week by announcing that he is investigating Ukrainian MP Sergei Lesthenko, who has admitted he is behind the publication of some of the pages of the black book.

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Mr Leshnko appeals to reporters on Monday, when a hearing on his case began

The problem is that the parts of the book mentioned by Mr Mannorth did not expire by Mr.

They are published by an official Ukrainian state body. There was no credible evidence that the book was fake, indeed many of the smaller payments on it were traced and checked.

The MP responded to the accusation, accusing the prosecutor of making Ukraine a coin in American politics.

Who says there is interference in the United States?

The surprising decision that Ukraine intervened in the US elections in 2016 came from the District Administrative Court in Kiev.

It is assumed that he pronounces only on public affairs but is outraged for controversial decisions.

The decision to suspect interference in foreign elections is far beyond the court's jurisdiction.

"This is pointless," says Mihail Gernakov, a former lawyer and co-founder of the Dejure Judicial Reform Group.

"There is no such crime of foreign interference in Ukraine and this is not a criminal court," says Zernakov.

In recent months, the judges in court are:

  • Restored to the job of the head of the tax office of Ukraine, although he was tried for corruption, which he denies
  • Suspended Minister of Health
  • Decided that nationalization of Privatbank for a $ 5 billion hole in his books needs to return to his owners

If Ukraine is not a crime scene, just where the latest "new investigation" of the prosecutor Yuri Luzenko is unclear. Why does Rudi Giuliani participate?

Mr Giuliani's questions about the alleged Ukrainian agreement have turned into a useful counterpoint as Washington continues to debate and collect Müller's report in the campaign of Trump and Russia.

He recently canceled a planned trip to Ukraine, saying he discovered that the next Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenski, was surrounded by Mr Trump's "enemies."

With Ukraine depends on US support for opposing Russian aggression, these were words that inspired many people in Kiev.

Mr Giuliani specifically referred to Mr Leshnko – now an advisor to Mr Zelenski, who will be opened as head of Ukraine on Monday. [19659903] Chief Prosecutor Luckenko has meanwhile been appointed to the outgoing president and some believe he will

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Rudy Giuliani canceled his trip on the so-called "enemies" of Trump

  • Giuliani protects "truth is not true" comments
  • What does the comic presidency mean for Ukraine?

Is this the democratic version of Trump / Russia?

Not on the evidence so far. 19659007] Mueller's report found that Russian state actors have tried to intervene and influence the US presidential election in 2016. It states that individuals have violated US criminal law through their social media campaigns and hacking emails.

The question then arises as to whether any of Trump's team has coordinated these illegal activities with the Russians. Mr Mueller's final conviction is that he can not prove he had.

Nothing has been produced or even suggested as something comparable to Ukraine.

The release of documents from the Ukrainian anti-corruption agency can not reasonably be assimilated to a massive

This story has filled the airspace and columns of conservative websites and television channels in the US – but has given nothing worthy of a serious court investigation.

  • The Trump-Russia Saga in 350 Words

What are the charges against Joe Biden?

Joe Biden is currently a Democrat frontman to take Mr. Trump to the presidential election next year.

But in recent years of Barack Obama's presidency, Ukraine was a key country for the Biden Family

Mr. Biden is the man of the administration because the country is facing a Russian invasion and annexation – and the vice president is making numerous trips to Kiev.

At the same time, Joe Biden's son Hunt r was a well-paid director in one of the largest energy companies in Ukraine – Burisma.

Burisma has been the subject of several investigations and was founded and ruled by Nikola Zlotchevski, a minister in the vetoed pro-Russian government of Viktor Yanukovych.

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Hunter Biden and Joe Biden in 2016

Obviously, the ties between the father and the son-Ukraine do not look great, but questions arose as to whether Hunter Biden's lucrative work has somehow shaped the US policy in Ukraine.

In particular, whether she played any role in the dismissal of the then Chief Prosecutor of Ukraine, Victor Shokin, in early 2016

This is a kind of foreign intervention that Joe Biden has proudly claimed.

Last year, he told the story of how he used a one-billion-dollar loan guarantee to get Mr. Shokin out.

"I looked at them and said," I leave for six hours: if the prosecutor is not fired, "you do not get the money." Well, son of a bitch. He was fired. "

At that time, it was almost reported that Mr. Shokin was removed because he was an obstacle to Ukraine's fight against corruption.] 19659007] The question now asked by some is whether he has been investigating Hunter Biden's company

  • Hunter Biden's Ukrainian gas link

Is the prosecutor of Ukraine fired to help Biden's son? The evidence that is currently in the public domain is the answer quite plainly.

] Mr. Shokin himself has assumed that his investigations of Burisma are behind the dismissed but the available evidence does not support it

The timetable shows that most of Burrisma's studies were blocked Mr. Shokin became Chief Prosecutor and that when he was in power he did not want to pursue them [19659003] There was no pressure from anyone in the United States to close cases against [Burisma founder] Zlotchevsky, Vitaly Kasko, Deputy to Mr. Shokin

Comments from the US and the EU before and during the dismissal of Mr. Shokin reflect, that they saw him as an obstacle to change. Without reliable evidence that Mr. Shokin was really interested in Burrisma's investigation or that Joe Biden has fired him for hidden reasons, this story, like the accusations of collusion, remains very unproven.

Indeed, against the backdrop of widespread criticism of his behavior in Kiev this week Mr. Lutsenko made it clear. that he had no evidence of unlawful action on the part of Bidens.

This does not mean we will not hear much more about them in the coming months.

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