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Wild rumors, Archie's baptism and serious split: How royal people spend their summer

Summer does not even start officially until Friday, but the glow is already on the royal family.

At least the expected time is only 66 degrees. Prince Harry and Megan Markl Become Parents, Queen's 93th Birthday, Prince Philip turns 98, duchess Camilla becomes a viral epic wink – things that do not go quite right (or at least not as expected) continue to monopolize the titles.

No wonder Buckingham Palace is on the market for a new communications officer with social media mastery.

These days there are more moving parts than ever when it comes to producing and distributing the right message ̵

1; and for the British royal people, it is a message of optimism, modernity, empathy, foresight, stoicism, and, ideally, unity .

The last bit is that this is more often lost by mail lately as royal observers are preparing for the expected official announcement that Harry and Prince William's Royal Foundation will no longer be philanthropic for the two brothers. They began their organization in 2009 and joined Kate Middleton first, and rather Megan Mark in their endeavors.

The UK's Magazine Sunday Times expects the separation. , which was first reported a few weeks ago, will be announced at a board meeting on Wednesday.

Harry and William have already split their households, and William and Kate stayed in the Kensington Palace, and Harry and Megan moved their office to Buckingham Palace as well as Frogmore's house in Windsor. included in the latest $ 2.4 million to upgrade Frogmore Cottage (which is located at the Frogmore mansion on the 33-acre royal family) was worth $ 60,000 in soundproofing measures , as a roar of plane landing at a nearby Heathrow airport is heard at any time.

  Many experienced royal experts say there is nothing unfavorable Harry and William are professionally involved, especially since Harry now has his own family, and he and Megan will have their own charity priorities and a shared vision of how to do things. [1965900] 2 "I think it would be a lie to say that things in William and Harry are not unbroken, but to call it enmity, to call it a fall, is too extreme," royal commentator Omid Skobie told Yahoo UK <em> The Royal Box </em> earlier this month. </p>
<p>  "I think the best thing that could have happened to them was now to be in their separate households, to work separately, to be able to come </p><div><script async src=

But since the historical focus has always been on the sons of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana working together, and after William, Kate and Harry have already successfully joined forces on key initiatives such as the Heads Together Mental Health Information Program, the two couples could not reorganize a few things under one roof, the axis and there is no shortage of charm

There is one for the office of Queen Elizabeth II who wants to keep an eye on Harry and Megan The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have already been deprived of the opportunity to come out alone, "The intention is to ensure that what they do is coordinated with the rest of the household, so you do not get an independent Frogmore state," says the source of . (The palace was quick to insist last month that the Duchess of Sussex did not make any contribution to the May CBS Megan and Hari Plus interviewed by a handful of Megan friends.)

There is one more bad blood , which still boils, because William expressed reservations to Harry before his younger brother offered Megan in 2017. does not sound just horribly insulting, but maybe it was in the tone. (Though he did not tell Harry: "One can come out with actresses, one does not marry them", as Prince Philippe had suggested.)

According to The Brotherhood Insult could have come back even farther, to the point that Harry may have fallen away from the Middleton family when Kate and William have come to terms seriously – now it sounds risky because Harry has always been known to adore Kate but if one-time comments , made years ago, really packed.

But with all that Harry and William have seen, including seeing their parents scattered and then losing their mother, would not it make more sense if they were all in the other's business, they wanted to be assure that the other did not make bad decisions?

"Thanks to the gods so far, the strains are just the natural thing among the brethren," a team member said royal biographers Penny Jounor in 2014 when Ha Rry was just a denial of a nephew Prince George . "And unlike many brothers, they can go and get their beer together and say," Well, you're doing conservation, I'm going to make veterans. "That's literally how it's resolved. [19659902] "Jealousy is not a word in Prince Harry's lexicon: he is not jealous, he is remarkable in this way."

Furthermore, on this day and in the age when the royal families were subjected to the pressure to preserve the inheritance and to launch new inspirational paths that hold the monarchy relevant to the next generations, the young can not put small things in. If they have learned something from the queen, that's how to play for a long time

"… I think there is a real danger that if both of them settle down after five years Working side by side as young royal families cut with many bands will soon die of boredom, and I do not think that's also in the public interest, "Harry's friend said to Joorn before he actually settled down

" Of course, man may take a slightly pious look and say that they have so many privileges that they must return them to them. Of course, but I would not want their life, nor anybody else I know.

But at the end of the day, William has the future on his shoulders. to take the lead, "said Sir David Manning, a former British ambassador to the United States. – You have to prepare or prepare – albeit not consciously all the time – for a very clear final state. Harry has the freedom to choose;

  Prince Harry, Megan Markell, royal baby

Dominique Lipinski / PA Wire

Recently there was a report that Harry and Megan could move to Africa to get rid of every day in the UK but also and to open the royal equivalent of a satellite office to expand the charity work that Harry has been doing for years on the continent.

While this seemed to be related to the present hearing, there were talks for years before Harry met Megan for his move to Africa.

"He will not live in Happy Valley in Kenya and there is a lot of old time," said the afore mentioned friend of Younor. "His commitment to Sentebale [supporting the mental health of children and young people affected by HIV in Botswana and Lesotha] seems quite serious, I think it really means that to be his future or a very large part of it, so if he combines a charity that cares a lot and a continent for whom he cares very much, maybe he never moves officially there but spends more and more time there … "

Inner people quickly indicated that there would be

" Britain is their home and where they want to grow up their family, "a friend of Sussex told BAZAAR.com. "If they want to work abroad, it will be a short term." 19659002] ITV recently announced that Harry and Megan planned an official tour of several African countries in October (almost certainly bringing their son in.) The inclusion of a royal baby on a trip abroad is a tradition initiated by Diana when she insisted on bringing the 8- month-old William in Australia with her and Charles, instead of leaving him for weeks)

  Archie Harrison Mountbarton-Windsor, Megan Marc, Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth "theroyalfamily through Instagram </p>
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But before they go somewhere, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor will be baptized aggie event that gathers close families. (And even if it does not, there's no reason to panic, the queen misses her grandfather Prince Luis baptizing last year because she had a previous commitment to the books, and I'm already hearing it will not be with Archie.)

the birth of Archie, and official baptismal plans are kept secret except that it will be in July. The Daily Express reports that it will take place in St. George's Chapel, where Harry and Megan married last year – and where Harry was named in 1984.

When the 2-month Archie is baptized in the Anglican Church, he will probably embrace the horizontal dress of Henithon, a copy of Queen Victoria's eldest child whose version was worn by 62 royal babies so far, including Archie's first cousins, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Harry and Megan were at Luis's baptism last July, and certainly would not make the family any public services to William and Kate. it's not with Archie – but they're really supposed to be there.

The Quartet was together earlier this month for the yearly fanfare of Operation Color, which officially celebrates the Queen's birthday, which was also Megan's first public appearance since Archie's introduction to the world on May 8th, when he was born.

Kate and Megan had a lot of talk during the carriage from Buckingham Palace to the horse guard parade, the source of E! The news, noting that as soon as the daughter-in-law was there, Megan carefully watched Kate to make sure her own royal protocol – tilting her head right at the right time, and so on. – is in place.

The source also said last week that most of Archie's little cousins, including the children of Kate and William and daughters MIA and Lena had the opportunity to meet him .

Megan is on maternity leave, and although Harry returns to work, he limits his schedule to commitments that take him away from home for only a few hours a day to be able to spend as much time as possible. with his wife and child.

There have been reports that they have hired a nanny, but she does not live full-time Frogmore and tell us they will probably retain full-time employment for several more months.

"Family life could not be better suited to [Harry and Meghan]," said Harper's Bazaar a close friend of the couple. "Since Archie arrived, they have not stopped smiling, sleepless nights are completely worthwhile."

Although it is unclear whether she wrote it before or after she became a mother, Megan has contributed to the preface to Moye's annual report. week, the animal shelter and charity rescue are among her new patronage as a member of the royal family.

"She is a working horse," said the source recently The People for the Duchess. "She will work during her maternity leave, just know her and I know it will happen!" The Sun announced last week that Megan would also be photographed at home and serve

  Kate Middleton, Queen Maxima

Steve Parsons / PA Wire

Kate Middleton , when the spring turns into summer, designing a garden for the Chelsea Flower Show; making a kiss at the BBC Children's Show Son Peter to announce a sculpture competition; attending dinner with a guitarist Rolling Stones Ronnie Wood for an addictive action, a charity she protects; appearing on Monday on the order of Gardner's office; and writing an open letter for the Children's week of the hospice "Together for the Short Life", another patronage.

Not all at the back, but most of the heels.

Kate and William also attended the queen's state dinner. this month was dedicated to the president Donald Trump and the first lady Melanie Trump who was doing very well but came after Tremb, saying, "I did not know he was nasty" that Megan had pointed out a few years ago that he was not a fan.

This has become a whole (to be honest, he really seemed to mean the comments he made, not to her as a man) and to some it seemed that Harry was off at reception, though he and Trump met at some point and the president called the prince a "great man."

For Megan who did not meet on this trip, Trump ITV said after a noise, "I think it's very nice." Frankly, I do not know her, so I have to be honest – I do not know her. and it's good for her to be nasty It's not good for me to be unpleasant to her and I'm not. "

And with a full set of duty, and three kids at home, William and Kate almost to plan their time and they appeared. Lake Inn at Ullswater Lake for two last week, short break from engagements day in Cumbria

While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are a relatively low-dramatic couple, as long as two international celebrities go, they are not completely unharmed when it goes a word for more obscene titles that are prone to hit the famous.

While not getting a reputation, some earlier this year were gloomy in the tabloids about William. Enough to get the palace to give public denial, but enough for the story to pass through the lake.

  Color Detection 2019, Prince Louis, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince William, Kate Middleton

Victoria Jones / PA Wire

"Kate discovers that rumors are harmful, obviously, and she hates the thought that one day her children will be able to read about them online," said a recent Midnight Family Friend Us Weekly . At the same time, the story "forced her and William to sit and examine the relationship they realized they had to do more often."

So while the building was inspected, they wisely decided to focus on

William and Kate, who have been together for over a decade, celebrated their eighth anniversary of the wedding on April 29th.

"It's not uncommon to have some hiccups in marriage, especially after eight years, and Kate and William are no different," says another to us. "They are still strong. Regardless of their ups and downs, they love each other, and their children are the most important thing in their lives. "

So, Harry and Megan are not the only couples to hope

Opening a communication post at Buckingham a palace (included daily lunch!) seemed to include work for Harry and Megan, as well as for the Queen and Prince Philip because the job description included a reference to those travels abroad that seemed to be leaving for the younger [19659002] "You will handle press inquiries, prepare the contents of the or its editorial website and will manage the media for royal engagements and official events in the UK and abroad, "the statement said. (Funny how "inquiries" make these daring questions sound a lot better.)

"You will support the official duties of a number of different members of the Royal Family," the message continued. "The response to our work is therefore always outstanding, and reputation and impact will be at the forefront of everything you do."

This may be a job feature for the royal ones themselves.

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