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Wild Voice sends a powerful COVID message with a cover to Stevie Wonder: “Teachers, keep learning”

C The Voice Season 19, shortened due to the late start associated with the coronavirus, knockout rounds have already begun, less than a month after the premiere of Blind Auditions. And since the teams of this busy season – which started with 10 singers instead of the usual 12 – now reached only seven, each entering the knockouts on Tuesday, it was inevitable to say goodbye to a sad, premature farewell to some worthy contenders who may has lasted longer in other, normal seasons.

One of those shocking early outings was Casme – who just the night before, during the final battles, was called “superstar” by her super coach John Legion and was even compared to Diana Ross by Kelly Clarkson. But while John and the mega-mentor of the knockouts, Usher, announced “he can beat the best sister of the soul”

;, when Casme faced his fellow legend from Team Legend Tamara Jade (an epic pairing that Usher likened to the recent battle of Patti LaBelle / Gladys Knight of Verzus), there was no way John could ignore Tamara’s hopeful messages when she came on stage.

Tamara Jade gives an emotional pandemic performance in
Tamara Jade gives an emotional pandemic performance in “The Voice” season 19 (Photo: NBC)

Tamara chose to cover Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground, explaining: “The world needs this song right now. I don’t know if I’ve ever known a darker time in history in my 30s. “Usher, who filled the spirit of the people with Stevie Wonder and his former colleague Voice Coach Shakira said during Barack Obama’s first presidential inauguration, “It was really smart of her to choose this moment,” referring to a specific line in the song that Tamara emphasized: “Teachers, keep learning.”

During the rehearsal, Tamara revealed that her mother was a special education teacher and called her every day in tears due to the stress of work during the pandemic. So, when Tamara crossed this line and shouted: “This is for everyone at home! … We need you right now! – as he pointed to the square virtual audience of the studio – it was powerful and touching. She immediately raised the energy in the room, even though the room was mostly empty. “I really heard the mission in your voice,” John said, clearly moved.

Tamara threw herself, body and soul, into her joyous and unrestrained performance, the first performance of Tuesday’s episode that made everything else that followed, including the cover of poor Casme for Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball, feel unclimatic. By the time Tamara reached her spectacular, James Brown-like big ending (seriously, Carson Daly completely he had to pull out her nose), Kelly shouted, “You are living your best life!” This tour will be almost impossible for Casmé at the top. “Lord, Lord, it will be difficult,” John warned.

Tamara Jade congratulates the teachers at The Voice.  (Photo: NBC)
Tamara Jade congratulates the teachers at The Voice. (Photo: NBC)

Casmé’s rock and soul performance outside the box was interesting and definitely more modern than Tamara’s, but Tamara did a show and make a statement. Tamara actually came in like a smashing ball. So Tamara prevailed – but surprisingly, John did not save Casme, nor did any other coach steal her. It’s hard to believe that a powerful and seemingly leading like Casmé hasn’t even reached the playoffs, but I’m definitely happy with the much-needed good vibes that the lively Tamara will soon bring live Voice stage as this season is fast.

These were the other two knockout rounds of Tuesday’s hour-long episode:

GWEN TEAM: Payge Turner vs. Ryan Berg

While John’s strategy of pitting two star vocalists like Tamara and Kasme against each other can be explained at least by the fact that they occupied the same band on his team, this pairing of apples / oranges didn’t make much sense. In a socially remote corner, we had a sultry, stage-commanding queen of alt-glam Payge, looking like a protégé of a prince and serving the reality of Lisa Bonet-meet-Grace Jones, because she had what Blake called an “out-of-body experience.” time on it almost Hedwig-a similar version of Radiohead’s “Creep”. And in the other corner was a laconic cool cat, Ryan, who looked like a lost fourth member of Midland as he meditated on “Making Me Look Good Again” by Drake White. “It is Urban CowboyBlake said, pointing to Ryan before turning to Paige and saying, “And that’s it.” Fever on Saturday night. “

Gwen explained that these singers are “both freaks, in a good way.” Usher noted that Ryan’s subtleties were his strengths – his hitherto unheard falsetto this week was a very nice and very pleasant surprise – and Gwen told Ryan: “Your inner weirdness has come out in the best way. You really are a person who wakes up on stage right now. “But I knew Gwen would connect more with Paige: During the rehearsal, Gwen noted that they were cut from the same alter-rock towel, and she actually said she could imagine being in a band together. I don’t think so. that Paige was wrong choice here, but first I question this pairing. And once again, I doubt why Ryan was not stolen or rescued. I guess all these early eliminations are just a testament to the excess talent this season.

WINNER: Payge Turner

TEAM BLAKE: Ben Allen vs. Worth waiting

Blake used the same tape-narrowing strategy that John had used with Tamara against Casme, bringing together his two “classic state” contestants. But unlike this doubly stunning Team Legend, it was a universal boring knockout that could honestly be mounted. Prone Ben made a self-described country song from “Right Down the Middle” by Luke Combs “She Got the Best of Me” and the family trio “Worth the Wait” performed a fair presentation of the county on “Delta Dawn”, which Blake define it as “page 101.” With that in mind, Ben’s high-pitched voice sounded professional, and what they call business is “recordable,” though hardly unique. John said it was “almost boring” how “solidly good” Ben’s singing was, while Kelly called Ben “stable” and told him, “Nobody’s worried you’re staggering.”

Worth the Wait, meanwhile, failed miserably. The coaches bizarrely embarked on their a cappella introduction, but I still didn’t think they had tightened their harmony almost enough. I can only assume that the lowered expectations for Worth the Wait have made them win such gushing praise or the news that they are a trio, and Blake thinks that “it’s time for the trio to reach the finale of this show. “So Blake chose Worth to wait … but thenGwen stole Ben! Well? Looking at this cast at the beginning of the episode, I would never have predicted that Kazme and Ryan would go home while Ben stayed. But Gwen said, “If I’m ever going to have a country artist on my team, this is the time,” so we’ll see what happens in the playoffs.

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