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Winners and losers of giants minicamp: Sterling Shepherd and Daniel Jones grow up? Kyle Lauteta and Julian Love fall?

The next time the giants take the field, they will be training camps next month, but the battle lines for race competitions and desirable places near the top of the depth chart have already been prepared.

Here is a look at the biggest winners and losers of the spring mileage in OTA and minicamp practices:


QB – Daniel Jones

Impressive is Jones during his first spring? It is quite impressive that Chief Trainer Pat Shurmour says that Jones is about to play Day 1

. Jones's strength and deep ball precision were better than expected in the spring, and in turn, Jones gets rid of the football quickly and accurately throughout duration of practice. Shurmour devoted herself coldly to Eli Menning, staying a starter on the first day, but left the door cracked wide enough for Johns to win this job. trajectory during the training camp and pre-season training, it can give coaching staff and owners some difficult choices.

Shepard was far the most dominant broadcaster in the field for More Than Just Slot Receiver, Shepherd was often the target of Elli Munching on deep-fashioned posts and made several remarkable drums in the spring . along with the emergence of a step forward to become a full-blown successor, made Shepherd a strong candidate for a star break for 2018

NT – Dexter Lawrence

Mammoth from space eating in the middle, Lawrence has a chance to be dominant against the run. Lawrence is faster than you would expect for 6-foot-4 and 345 pounds. Now, with the inner trail, start between B. Hill and Dalvin Tomlinson, if Lawrence can develop any solitaire's inner presence, be careful.

CB – DeAndre Baker

This spring, despite regulations against the press teams – Baker's strength – the former Georgia squad is a consistent player. Baker also took the lion's share of the first team's faction against Jannis Jenkins and it seems he belongs there. It's early, but Baker is now like the full corner pack with more than adequate speed in coverage with many physical and elite skills. This spring game sets Baker's base to secure a startup if he can maintain his high level of play this summer.

Completing Darius Slayton by spring is a bright contrast. to a rough weekend in the mini-track. Chief Coach Pat Sourmer called Slayton the most improved player this spring. Slayton spent time with the first OTA team and made some really nice catches by Eli Manning after developing a strong link as one of Jones's favorite goals in recent weeks after struggling hard to catch football during a mini- camp of a rookie, where there were several missed passes. The speed of Slayton 4.39 gives him a chance to be a dangerous vertical threat in a desperate crime for one, and if he continues to be so sure this summer since he was off this spring, it will be hard to hold

TE – Scott Simonson

When Evan Engram deviates from his seat, Scott Simonson interrupts the time of separation in the spring with crimes from the first team and the second team where he makes some impressive catches. Simonson's time with Jones and the impressive catch will only strengthen his chances of making the list and seeing the field, because his strong blocking is what will keep him in the mix.

From Kentucky, CJ Conrad had a pretty strong finish by the spring. Conrad captured almost everything he had thrown in his direction, and seemed to have developed a strong connection with Jones. It will be interesting to see how the finishing depth chart of the final is formed behind Evan Engram this summer, but Conrad is well pleased that a strong performance in the training camp and pre-season can put him in a mix for a place on the list.

] Jabrill Peppers

Jabrill Peppers went straight into the job of safety and constantly looked like one of the most athletic players on the pitch. Speed ​​and athletics of peppers will give him the chance to leave his mark on the protection of giants in a very different way from Landon Collins's physical branding. It is quite clear that the best day of the practice of Eli Manning and Daniel Jones this spring came on the day when Peppers was removed from the stroke because of the tooth extraction.

The Giants have invested heavily in this intermediate season, drawing Baker, Julian Lav and Cory Balenthen, but for now Grant Haley seems to be confirmed as the starting nickel corner. Haley has taken most of the nickel repeat from the first team and has been making plays. Last week, Hayley fired Eli Bunning into a blitz, he made a good corner of a deep pass during training on Monday to get a break in the pass, and during OTA, they dropped a possible touchdown during a red zone. Love, Sam Beale or Baleatain could eventually challenge a legitimate challenge to Haley for nickel work, but he does not seem to give up at this stage. The conscious effort to restrict Saquon Barkley's photos this spring after the Rookie Referee of the Year recorded 352 touches last season and could see an even greater load this season. During the minicamp, Paul Perkins was the first to return when Barkley was away. Perkins has shown some explosion and some smooth runs in the spring that could have helped him not only secure a place on the list but also keep him on top of the rear height chart behind Barclay this season if his strong game continues in the training camp And with Nate Solder and Mike Remmers on both sides, Wheeler saw the team's first squad team on the right track. If Wheeler is able to repel Remmers for the starting job, these clicks along with the new right-wing defender Kevin Zieter will prove to be extremely valuable when the season starts. Similarly, seeing the time to play with a crime by the first team, it can help Wheeler improve if he is called to become an attack on the depth.

QB – Alex Tanney

Once conceived and supposed No. 3 quarterback, for several days prolongs this spring, Tanney is the best and most accurate defender on the pitch. Seriously. Tani subsequently returned to the ground, and Jones eventually began to accept every second team, but obviously the chief coach Pat Shurmer and Giants appreciated the presence and knowledge of the Tanye veteran's system


– QB Kyle Lauletta

Lauletta seems to be a forgotten man this spring after being elected by the Giants in the fourth round of the 2018 NFL Draft. Daniel Jones and Alex Thani split the second team's repetitions throughout the spring. Meanwhile, the photos of the third team of Lautelet were separated in a few days with Thani. After taking only 19 pictures and a five-pass experience last season, Lauletta seems to be facing a difficult battle just to make the list in the summer.

Love entered with high expectations after being selected by the giants in the fourth round of the April NFL Draft. However, at the beginning of the mini-lamp of the recruits it became clear that the speed of Love was inadequate to keep up with the receivers from the outside and quickly moved safely. During the OTA and minicamp practices, Love ranked with the second squad of nickel and sometimes as the safety of the second team. The path of love to the opening work is blocked while the giants adhere to Antoine Bettea. This summer can offer Love a chance to compete for nickel work, but he rarely stood out during spring practice.

Beal returned to the OTA training session Tuesday after missing two practices during his practice. minicamp for personal reasons. However, after initially splitting the team's first team with Baker, Beale has since started with the second team. Haley has been the nickname of the first team, and Bale has not yet faced any serious challenge either to him or to Baker for one of the three best jobs.

– RB Wayne Gallman:

At this point, the status of Gallman as the No. 2 giant who goes behind Sakkon Barclay seems at best uncertain. Gallman had a few drops during training on Monday after the Giants earlier signed Rod Smith and gave Paul Perkins the first team. Gallman rushed for 176 yards and touchdown last season, but it was clear when during a few training giants restricted Barkley's repeat that Gallman was not the first to return with the first team. A mighty spring for the galans may be necessary to keep their job as No. 2, which goes back and maybe even repels Smith and John Hilliman for his 53-man list.

– TE Evan Engram:

Engram was removed from all Minipanas, dealing with undisclosed damage. Entering his year of choice and one year away from the potential work on extending the contract with the Giants, Engram is approaching being declared "injured" after missing five MCLs in 2018 [19659003] – OT Mike Remmers

The giants signed Remmers last month, but he could not participate in any of OTA or Minikampa's practices. It is expected that Remmers will start on the right track and ensure stable position stability, which has become a turning door in recent years. However, the missing practices of this spring as they recover from the back surgery will accelerate the process of developing chemistry with critical criticism during the training camp if we assume that it is able to climb the field.

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