Blake Griffin of Detroit Pistons spoke of the loss of the team in Dallas on Friday, January 25, 2019.
Vals Ellis, Detroit Free Press

DALLAS – Having learned the social media that broke out on some perceived irritation with Reggie Jackson, Blake Griffin said he spoke to Detroit .

He did not need it.

Jackson said he was not interested in at least what the outsiders were saying about him and his teammates. right after the match, but besides, I do not check, "Jackson said on Friday morning.

"I really do not pay much attention to Twitter or ESPN. People see the comments, but 90% of them will be B. so I do not pay attention to what most people say. I'm probably the worst person in our team when it comes to social media. "

After Pistons' victory over the New Orleans pelicans, joking Jackson interrupted Griffin, telling Fox Sports Detroit that the team should focus better.

The television camera caught the disappointment on Griffin's face while explaining the team's inability to complete the nearby games.

Jackson, who did not know Griffin's Mood, joked with Griffin and the reporter.

He also presented himself because he was probably happy to have finally contributed to victory after winning seven of his 17 points in the last 6:21.

Social media revealed Jackson and became the topic of conversation with ESPN Speaking at Thursday, reading Griffin's statement, saying he was disappointed by Jackson and may have wanted to come out of Detroit.

"People always make things bigger than it is or try to be something that is not," said Griffin, having scored 35 points in Pistons' loss of 106-101 by Dallas Mavericks

"We're laughing and joking all the time and we're having fun, just sometimes I was locked in."

"It's been a really cool comedy "

Piston coach Dana Casey was delighted that the player criticized the lack of focus because it is a sign of a buy-in of the best player of the team

Pistons are 4-8 in games resolved with three points or less and have lost 11 games with less than five points. "We have to have more focus when closing games, closing quarters. I told the team right after the game, because that game could have gone one way or the other, "Casey said. "Reggie was having fun after the fact, but it was a bad time when Blake was talking about closing games, focusing and fooling around."

Dončić impressed Luka Dončić and they were impressed after the Slovenian head went to 32 points, eight assists and eight rebounds.

But he still dropped the stepper jumper against Johnson with the rest 1:14, giving Mavs 104-97.

"He goes in both directions, can shoot him, can shoot," Johnson said. "He does everything pretty well …"

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