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World Emoji Day: Use your emotions as much as you like

You see, emoticons are not language. The Unicode consortium, the organization that globally standardizes every character, regardless of the platform, does not try to do so.

So tell emits of emoticons to quit. You can use this as you want.

Here are some examples with some emotional analysis from Emojipedia:
Emotion is often used to express stupidity. But it is also used to show stress, frustration and sarcasm. So you smile for everything that happens in your ordinary life … just head down. Example 1: Guess who forgot to add milk to his grain this morning? 196

Example 2: The 3-year old friend of my friend just poured the juice on my new blouse. 59

Example 3: No, everything is fine. Everything is fine. 59

Folded Hands 59

These two hands pressed together in the color of your skin look as if they are meant to symbolize prayer. Is not it religious? Do not worry. Some people use it more freely to show praise and respect.

Example 1

: I will 🙏 to him, and I hope that this spot is coming out.

Example 2: My friend said he would pay for my new blouse her 3-year-old just spilled juice all in order to get clean. 59

Example 3: I am so glad that she took responsibility for her child's actions. 👀

Eyes 59

Perhaps this pair of eyes looking to the left is used to show that you are looking at something. Or maybe it is a way of expressing doubt or deception. Another option is signaling the approval of how something looks. [Опциите могат да бъдат наши приятели.]

Example 1: I am 45 for a new fashion style to try.

Example 2: Oh, yes, best friend, I see you in these new shoes. 👀

Example 3: Are you sure you want to pay this heavy price for these shoes? 59

Fire 59

There is a literal use of fire for expressing heat and an actual bundle of flames. But emoticons are also fond of using emoticons for metaphors, such as describing someone's behavior or showing approval of something. Now things get warmer.

Example 1: It was so cold, so we started a little 45 to keep warm.

Example 2: You had to see how upset a father was, he realized he did not put on his jacket. He was 🔥 🔥

Example 3: Did you take this picture? Oh, this is 🔥

Crying – and many of them 59 😭 😂

There is a weeping person emotiko 😢, which is often used to show sadness. But what about the emotions with a loud voice? Ouf, this is an endless debate. Some say it is meant for laughter, not tears. Let's not forget the tears of joy emoticons, which are also used for self-destructive laughter.

Example 1: Today I left my wallet at home. 59

Example 2: How will I pay for lunch now? 59

Example 3: This is OK. We will starve together. Apparently there was a nice big hole in my already empty wallet. 😂

I do not want to mess up! How do I know who to use?

That's simple. Go with 💗

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