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WWE Raw Results: Winners, Ratings, Responses and Highlights from February 18th | Bleaching Report

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    Sincerely: WWE.com

    The champions were crowned. Sasha Banks and Bayley won the WWE Women's Team Championship in a brutal elimination match where they outperformed the best Raw and SmackDown Live teams on Monday to win. T that he will be the champion of the label team. Now the duo has to keep on raising his game as he has a target on his back.

    While Raw was less focused than the SmackDown of the event, there were still many important moments for the brand that created an exciting night. The most remarkable thing is that Finn Balor became the WWE's new Intercontinental Champion by leveraging Leo Rush in a handicap game. Now that he has become Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre, he is a dangerous man who wants to regain gold as quickly and decisively as possible.

    Ronda Rousey is also doing a quick job on Ruby Riott just to be taken out of Becky Lynch, who used the crutches she pretended to need, trying to find herself in "The Worst Woman on the Planet "And" Charlotte Fleur ". This feud continues to warm up.

    These were just a few important raw material settings this week, making it a vital episode on the WrestleMania road.

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    about what happened last night at the Elimination Chamber before announcing that four of the biggest stars in the NXT are currently going to debut on Raw. Ricochet, Aleister Black, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa received small video packages.

    He also announced the first game of the night with Braun Strowman, who again fights with Baron Corbin, this time at the tables.

    This was a lazy way to open the show. Hunter tried to sell everything he said as a big deal, but it just felt like a scam followed by the deadliest opportunity to introduce four of the best young stars in the business.

    While it was great to know that Ricochet, Black, Gargano and Ciampa will make their debut on the main brand, there were more interesting ways to do that clearly. It felt like HHH, just trying to show some guys from NXT who will return to the development brand after Monday.

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    Confident Corbin quickly lost his smile as Strowver threw him around the ring and dominated despite injuries from the Elimination Chamber. The two men fought the scene and destroyed the announcement table, but none of them went through the table. Through the table in the corner.

    Once the Monster went to his back, he caught Paul Heyman with suffocation and excited the lawyer.


    Strowman def. Analysis


    The match was perfectly good, better than the two games had in the past, including Sunday. They just struggled for the final and used weapons for the primary places. It was simply fun, while avoiding unnecessary interference.

    It's hard to say what's the point. Lashley and Drew McIntyre were not seen just one day after helping the former Constable to win a similar match. Why could not Strumman win on Sunday and move on?

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    Heyman presented a video package from the predominant line of Brock Lesnar in the WWE. This reminded fans of the greatest moments of The Beast, including the end of Streak. The lawyer then mocked the fans that he thought Seth Rollins could put an end to the dominion of the incarnated beast



    It was an ideal family attempt to preserve this enmity while Lesnar was not around and the Architect healing. WWE can always create a strong video package, but it was not a real goal if one of them, especially Heyman, came out to present the video.

    Rolls vs. Lesnar has a lot of potential but now there is no momentum behind him. The two of them have to do something to feel like the main event of WrestleMania

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    Balor arrived to enjoy the moment in the spotlight as a new champion before Rash distracted him to allow Lashley to attack his rival. Ricochet managed to get even out of sight, creating an exciting match from the team that met expectations.

    One and only showed how great he can be, while the extraordinary man's own athleticism has always been on display. But the clock man struck Balor, leaving him on the ground with a bad knee and isolated from his heels.

    This forced the NXT to call fresh for his hot tag as he ran around the two heels and caught Rush diving up the 630 splash to win.


    Balor and Ricochet def.

    B +


    Despite the shockingly apathetic crowd, it was an electric team coinciding with Bicker and Balogger, who look right at home and work together. [2] The two crazy athletic stars took down some crazy places with Lashli and Rush, who do their part to look impressive.

    I do not know that right now is the perfect opportunity for The One and Only on the main list, but

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    Kurt Hawkins looked better than in the months as a hot tag in this game, but Zack Ryder. they pulled out to force Hawkins to fight two-on-one odds. He pulled out helicopters that had been removed from Linz Dorado for three.


    Gran Metalic and Dorado def. Hawkins and Ryder of Pinfall

    An Inspirational Series of Hawkins and Ryder gathered again.


    To be honest, Long Island Iced Z, who is trying to train his boyfriend to break his unbeaten series, is a fun idea but has not led to memorable matches despite great competition. here really feels they can help because Lucha House Party is more likely to star in the right situation.

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    Tucker and Otis talked about their relationship, looking at each other before Lacey Evans came out. This inspires Heavy Machinery to make its own stand, and Evans seemed impressed.

    This was a strange segment. At best, this is an attempt to create The Lady as a Heavy Machinery manager, but it felt more like WWE just played these three on TV to keep them out of the top NXT stars.

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    Behind the stage, Chad Gable and Bobby Rhode asked Gargano and Champa for a shot at "Revival" in their debut. Both NXT champions were indescribable, saying they ruled NXT as the hottest brand before Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson came in and announced their majesty. as a team. They survived trying to break a machine before they reached their winning "Assembly in the middle" sign.


    Gargano and Champa def.


    Several teams were better together than these two. They have chemistry that is almost impossible. Although they have been separated for years, they have returned here with new heroes and new moves and have released another spectacle.

    Although they are very good, it was strange for Top Top to lose only a week. their title reigns so decisively. This finish broke their impulse more than he helped Gargano and Champa.

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Boss's Nug Hug Connection celebrates its huge victory with high championships. They talked about how much it means to stay with gold. Niya Jaxx and Tamina have predictably interrupted to challenge the champions, but have been removed from Banks and Bailie.

    This was a great segment to celebrate the crowning of the women's first women of the WWE. Banks and Bailli cut fine to put on them how important that moment is for them and suggesting who could challenge them soon.

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    Author: WWE.com

    Behind the stage, McIntyre pushes for a blow from Rolls of HHH, which at first glance made Dean Ambrose hit the Scottish. Psychopath

    This aggravates the big man who completely destroyed the moon in their game. With his back to Claire, McIntyre stood high above the former WWE champion.


    McIntyre def. This was a great way to find out that the Scottish psychopath is an elite talent of Raw, but it was also a clear statement that The Lunatic will no longer be treated as the real biggest threat. His latest months will be disappointing

Author: WWE.com

Elias asks for better treatment and blames the new NXT calls for taking away from the spotlight. Black took an exception, promising to make The Drifter fade to black.

The musician looked good early, but he was getting more and more disappointed when The Dark Destroyer stayed in this match. Elias shouted to the crowd and his opponent before taking the Black Table, giving the NXT stars a clean run in their main debut.


Black definition.

This was not so exciting but worked for what I had to be. The black had to look good without throwing a more experienced opponent than the main player. They have similar styles, and Black is better in fulfilling this style.

Of all the boys who will be coming tonight, Black feels most ready to stay. He has done his job at NXT and can compete with anyone on the main list while he is impressed.

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    Author: WWE.com. Even with Sara Logan and Liv Morgan in the ring to help his leader, it only led to a more competitive loss, with the champion looking more vulnerable. The worst woman on the planet survived second ricochet with the second rope with a blow, giving her a second wind that finally led her to the hand for the feed.


    Rousey def. Riott on submission to keep women's championship in the raw materials



    Being Parallel on Sunday? It does not matter because it gave the fans the match Rousey and Riott had to have in the Elimination Chamber. With a little help the stabilizing leader pushed the champion.

    It was not necessary to kick her out of two rio kicks, but otherwise the race was a solid event that failed only to feel she needed a drama. never will.

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