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WWE Raw Reunion results, recapitulation, ratings: Big returns, 24/7 headline changes highlight the nostalgia fun show

WWE Raw took a Monday break from his normal episode programming this week to bring us another nostalgic performance in the form of WWE Raw Reunion in Tampa. While these shows are sometimes dissuaded by the hardcore fanbase, it's all so nice about a nostalgic show that might have been expected – especially when you remember how frustrating the episode of Raw 25 was in January 2018. We saw some of the most remarkable legends in the story to appear, some SummerSlam corners were even pushed forward and 24/7 championship saw the most action seen since its inception. After all, it was a fun night of programming if you just decided to let yourself live now.

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CBS Sports was with you throughout the Raw Reunion show on Monday night, updating this story with the latest results, analyzes, game scores and highlights. Below you can see everything that happened on Monday night at the show Raw Reunion.

John Sinna rape with The Usos : The 16-time World Champion John Suna kicks off the Raw Reunion show on Monday night. The son has downloaded the list of colleagues who will be present tonight before repeating that WWE will always be his home. After the Sina commanded the show to get on the road, The Usos headed for the ring to force him to carry out a combat raid. Price fluctuated as the USSI bled him to leave the WWE for Hollywood. In order not to be surpassed, Dr. Tuganomick repelled the bomb in return, taking the past to the brothers with the law. Jimmy and Jay then revealed that the pop was in the building, and Rikishi was next. Just as Rickishi was about to destroy his movements, the "Revival" interrupted with the next Don Dudley. Matching a label between Usos and The Revival is on deck.

Def. Revival through pinfall: Another fun match between these two big teams, with Jimmy and Jay, who put themselves in line for title. D-Von went outside to intervene, but Rikishi looked down at him. Scott Dawson was distracted in the ring and turned to eat a super card, and the patented Usos sprint followed shortly afterwards for victory. Book T did not get a comment in this match. Alyssa Fox was behind the scenes, describing to Katein and Dana Brooke how she would have preferred to wear a foolish high Hat for SummerSlam. Between 1969 and 1972, Drew McIntyre was disgusted with the legends. Tory Wilson appeared as the latest surprise, and she was followed by Santino Marela, who brought a cobra with him and even informed us that his sister Santina was doing well! McIntyre went into the picture and mocked the fact that they call themselves "legends."

24/7 Championship – Drake Maverick def. R-Truth by Delay to Win the Title : Behind the Charley Caruso stage, R-Truth reviewed his appearance in San Diego Comic-Con last week when he was challenged by The Hurricane. Drake Maverick's wife, René Michelle, stood up against Truth and Carmel for ruining everything around her wedding, and that allowed Maverick to sneak in behind and win the title. Maverick and Renee pulled him out of there until Truth and Carmel chased him. Maverick's wife, who helped him win the title, was a nice twist on this ongoing saga of merriment. Class: B-

Drew McIntyre Devastates Cedric Alexander The planned revenge between McIntyre and Alexander has not even begun. McIntyre was attacking Alexander on the ramp during his entry, and the subsequent Beatdown ended with McIntyre, linking Alexander's reversed Alabama helmet to the apron to regain his heel from the loss. Class: C +

24/7 Championship – Pat Patterson def. Drake Maverick (c) by late to win the title : Maverick wanted to escape in the dressing room, but when he opened his suitcase he was met with a host of worms. Boogeyman seemed terrified of Maverick to the point where he hit the ground. Painted with pain, Patterson entered with a judge, pressed his leg against Maverick's chest and became the newest 24/7 champion. Class: B-

Def. Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins via pinfall : Another squirrel for Erik & Ivar, but at least this time around some well-known names that recently have the titles of Raw tag team. Viking Reiders won after taking Ryder with Viking Experience. Christian left for comment as Lillian Garcia coped with the ring, announcing his duties. Class: C

Maria Knows Mike Again Maria Kannelis finds Mike behind the scenes, mixing with some legends as she seeks her husband to make her lotion. Torres before Eric Bishoff entered and offered him to join SmackDown if she was not happy. Maria again reprimanded Mike before telling her that she would do nothing because she was the bread-bearer of the family. Ashamed, Mike had to deal with Ron Simmons with a megaphone who knows him … well, you know, "Damn!"

24/7 Championship – Gerald Brisco def. Pat Patterson (c) to be late to win the title : The camera dropped to the back, quite possibly a bit late to reveal that Brisko had pinned his friend Patterson to become the new champion.

24/7 Championship – Kelly Kelly def. Gerald Briso (c) through pinfall to win the title : While Brisco left with the title, he was met by returning Kelly Kelly. Initially, she was warm enough to reveal her true intentions, striking Brisco and pushing him to become the first female champion 24/7. History, people. Class: D +

Роман царува деф. Samo Joe through pinfall : Joe tried to put an end to the existence of these nostalgic appearances and when he downplayed the opening segment with The Usos and Rikishi, who pulled out Reigns to protect his family. The two stumbled, and Joe took most of the offense outside before Reing resisted a Superman's blow to the apron. Joe tried to withdraw, but after calling him a coward, he accepted the challenge he had just set. Reigns won the win with a copy in a match that was much better than their forgotten main match in Backlash last year. Seth Rollins of "Miz TV" : After returning the closing events from the Extreme Rules, Rollins got out of his chair not only to have fun at Brock The gaze of Lesnar, but it also applies to him as to Saint Rollins. Rolls was interrupted by Paul Heyman, who was in the position of Gorilla to shoot back before climbing to the top of the ramp after Rollins once again mentioned Lesnar as a celebrity. After Rollins haunts Heimman on the back with Stomp's promise, if he reaches five, Rollins announced that Lesnar is still a man who can be beaten anytime and that will do in SummerSlam. He then turned his attention to his meeting later tonight against AJ Styles.

24/7 Championship – Candice Michelle def. Kelly Kelly (c) via pinfall to win the title : Kelly Kelly celebrates his victory when he meets Michelle, Melina and Naomi behind the scenes. Melina revealed she had been a judge in her years of the ring, and Michelle attacked Kelly Kelly to win the title. Class: C

Championship 24/7 – Alundra Blayze def. Candice Michelle (c) to win the title : It did not take long to crown another champion tonight. As Michelle celebrates, Blayze appeared and made Michelle touch (terribly looking) choke to win the title. She said she did not plan to remain a champion 24/7 long before she left. Class: D

Rey Mysterio def. Sammy Zayn via pinfall : This game was created by a segment earlier in the night behind the scenes, where Zayn cursed the legends and was challenged by Mysterio. During the match, Zine got what he came to as Rob Van Dam, Kurt Engle, Hurricane and Sergeant. Sloane appeared as Zine tried to escape the ramp. Back in the ring, Mysterio hit 619 before paying tribute to RVD with Frog Splash for victory. Class: B

Million Dollar Man Buys a 24/7 Championship : Blayze is out, and she immediately tells us what she means by saying there's no champion for long. She picked up a garbage bin near the advertisements and was about to release the title in the trash, inviting her call to her infamous WCW Monday Nitro segment in the mid-1990s, where she denied WWF women's title. Before he succeeded, however, Ted Dickie was about to call a little. She offered to buy a 24-hour title from Blayze (returning to the time he bought the WWE championship from Andre Giant after his controversial victory over Hulk Hogan in 1988), handed her a $ 100 bundle and gave us the legendary, maniacal laughter as the newest 24/7 champion of the night. Class: A (I'll always fill for DiBiase buying a title … or something like that)

Seth Rollins def. AJ Styles Disqualifying Earlier in the night during a short behind-the-clock segment, Styles, Gallows & Anderson revealed that they now follow the name of The OC (Original Club), complemented by a new merch. Gallus and Anderson, of course, tried to get involved in the match from outside, and this made DX music pop out over pop singers and Triple H & Shawn Michaels to come back to watch Rolls. When the game was restarted, Gallus and Anderson jumped Rolls in the ring to cause disqualification. The six men stood up with the OA, spreading the olive branch of the overly sweet hand. Once they were told to "suck" him and followed a fight. After OC grabbed the chairs and circled the ring, Road Dogg, X-Pac, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash came out to escape. Rolls finished the segment in the ring, surrounded by legends, leaving the OK to know that everyone has only two words for them. A fun segment for just what it was supposed to be, plus that the OC is only able to divert to catch some awkward roll-over. Class: B +

24/7 Championship – Drake Maverick def. Ted DiBiase (c) to win the title : DiBiase entered his limousine to escape, but after closing the door, a loud crash and shout could be heard from the inside. When everything was said and done, Maverick again became a champion after the superstars from the middle map were chasing. Bray Wyatt Attacks Mick Foley : Foley has cut a promo in the ring, and when he's viewed his favorite moment on Raw titantron (his victory over Rock for his first WWE championship) , everything in the arena slowly turned off. Wyatt, again like Dean, was in the ring, and he hit Madeleine Noble on Foley by dropping it on the pad. He poses a bit about the camera, as the arena again darkens again when his evil laugh brings us to the ad.

The Narrative of Natalia and Becky Lynch : Lynch was a guest of this week at "One Moment of Bliss", but it did not take long to break her opponent in SummerSlam. Natalia raised the fact that although they both know each other so long and fight in Japan together, Lynch still does not respect her. Lynch fired back, pointing to Nathi how she had decided to help Russi beat her, but still she still beats her "little friend from MMA." The two became hotter before the fists began flying and the officials were ready to tear it off.

24/7 Championship – R-Truth def. Drake Maverick (c) to be late to win the title : Maverick thought he was free from his home because he would have entered a limousine with his wife who was expecting it, but Truth had slipped from behind. Carmel kicked Maverick and the Truth faced the title. Then Truth jumped into the limousine and she went with Renee inside. Maverick experienced a double disappointment when he realized he was losing his title again, but his wife for the time being. Class: B +

Brown Strawman def. Randy Rowe through pinfall: Struman has gone out for a quick squash match, throwing the talents of improvements several times before fixing him mercifully. There is nothing to write about at home, and you could probably give Brown that holiday. Class: D

Toast for Raw : Ric Flair, accompanied by other legends present, began the "Toast to Raw" segment at the beginning of the stage. Then Hulk Hogan followed him, and he spoke of how great it was to return to the Raw City of Tampa. Hogan made his phrases for signatures, and then the glass crashed. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin went to the ring and put coolers full of beer with a shattered IPA skull in the corners. Austin picked up the microphone and put it all over, from legends on stage to ring staff, to audiences, saying they were all part of the WWE family. He told stories about spending the last 24 hours of beer drinking with Hogan and Fleur and meeting with Ron Simmons before inviting each legend on stage to join him on the ring for toast. As the show would offer the air, Austin took every possible second when it could be 11 hours. ET's hour arrived, thanked everyone in the crowd for coming as they tried to get together in a funny story of the past, starring Gerald Brisko.

WWE Raw Reunion highlights

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