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WWE SmackDown results, summary, reactions (November 20, 2020): Secondary champion

Roman just called Drew his favorite shit.


The novel absolutely kills, no, kills … no – slaughter every promo he cuts on TV. And it feels like each one is better than the next.

Roman told Adam Pierce to step back so he could sit at the head of the contract signing table. What a nice touch. This is an exceptional attention to detail that I am here for.

Drew said he hoped Reigns was underestimating him because he now had to prepare for war. Then Roman leads the sermon. Roman gave the brutal truth that Drew is nothing but a secondary champion, a prop, a player. Roman said he was the CHAMPION, the face of WWE, your tribal leader and table leader. One day, years later, McIntyre will finally get the chance to be the man, and when he does, she will turn back to those nights and thank him.


7;re the person they send when I’m busy.”


He signed the contract and told Drew that he would always be his favorite №2. (His favorite shit.)

The McReigns shooter huh? It was a really great wrinkle in history. I mean, it would be absolutely epic if Drew was eventually chosen to face Goldberg in WrestleMania instead of Brown. Drew’s call for a secondary champion was disrespectful and I liked it.

Besides, isn’t it quite interesting that the game I’m most excited about is Drew, since Lesnar is Roman this Sunday – both boys from Hayman?

Well, I think this time it’s Paul Heyman, who is a man of Roman kings. All this is brilliant. Roman wins on Sunday, but a man I’m still so excited about this game.

Logic and catchphrases

That will be fast.

The promotion was brutal. Asuka quotes superstars from the past and Sasha makes Michael Cole say “it’s time for the boss!” Strange. Bad.

And then – logic!

Carmela attacked Sasha from behind while she was trying to fight Asuka before pay, and Asuka just … stood there. That made sense! Why would Asuka help her after everything Sasha and Bailey did with her and her best friend Kyrie Sane over the summer?

Completely on Asuka’s side, as much as I love Sasha. Sasha needs the victory on Sunday, but I have the feeling that the victory will go to Asuka.

The rest

Daniel Brian defeated Jay Uso – Really, I really appreciated the aggression of both men. Before the match, Brian said his daughter cried when he was in the hospital and learned that there was an angel and a devil on Uso’s shoulder. The match was decided, and Brian tried to drive Jay’s head into the mat and Jay almost won. Brian raised his knees and blocked Jay’s skating and won with a small package. Really well done by these two. There is no Roman presence and I wonder how this loss will play out for Jay.

Not to make things difficult, but Jay is on the men’s rights team on Sunday. And he lost. That was the trend in this show.

Murphy defeated Seth Rollins – A very good match between these two and I liked how they showed us that they know each other and can predict what the other will do. We saw that just as Murphy went to hit Seth on the barrier, so did Seth kick him first, and when Seth walked to the sidewalk, and Murphy walked away and put sick, sounding knees in Seth’s face. The Mysterio clan was not involved in this match, and Seth brought out his aggression against the men, which made me a little worried that what was expected to happen to them would continue. I think we’ll be fine.

Team tag team champions def. Corbyn, Zayn, Ziegler and Rudd – SmackDown before Survivor Series – one night a year the champions of the Raw and SmackDown teams face a group of SmackDown fighters and irritate the discord! We didn’t need that. There was a lot of nonsense here. The champions of the Raw tag team would give a match for the SmackDown team title. Very … creative and … sensual. (Sarcasm!) However, when the masses were included in the New Day, Street Profits came to save. Um, where was Big E to save his boys? He was just in the same room with the two men who came down to save them!

This is because we would not get a pointless match from a team of 8 people if E. appeared. Sami was pressed by a flying Montes, after being only in the match for 12 seconds. Please tell me why this happened when Rudd or Ziegler, who have neither the rights to praise, could eat the pin? Sami is in a Bragging Rights match on Sunday. Corbyn is also from the men’s team SmackDown and lost here. The losers make up most of SmackDown’s country on this upcoming show. Which is a right to praise, of course.

Natalia defeated Tamina – The captain and the BOAT are in Team SmackDown. Bailey decided to take on the role of captain as Adam Pierce chose her to be on the team while pushing Natalia and Tamina into a match to qualify. Unfair! Poor Tamina didn’t stand a chance here because Natalia’s victory was heavily telegraphed. So we have Bayley, Bianca, Liv, Ruby and Natalya against Nia, Shayna, Lacey, Peyton and Lana for Bragging Rights. I’d love to see how the women at SmackDown take it, but whether they win or lose, Lana will be the only survivor for Raw. I would bet my house on him.

Otis is on the men’s team “So Otis, who has done almost nothing since losing the money in the bank’s briefcase, was selected to be on the men’s bragging rights team this Sunday by Adam Pierce.” His new … manager? … Chad Gable tried to take credit for it. Don’t take credit for stupid ideas, Chad. Uh … good! Sure. I mean, Big E was hanging around. I don’t know where after the first three minutes of the show, but I’d rather choose it.

Well, this Sunday we have our pay to watch and there are a few things that are obvious – the Survivor Series sucks now and the WWE can’t book nonsense to make it exciting. However, this is not exclusive to the Survivor Series. WWE tends not to book well. Just follow the WWE viewing course over the last few years. While not exclusive to this show, that’s why this show sucks now. THE TOP BRAND and everything else. Bragging rights. Not very convincing.

We say goodbye to the Undertaker, but it seems so really goodbye? Only time will tell. I’m just looking forward to Roman and Drew.

Class: B-

What are your predictions for bragging rights, Cagesiders?

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