Nick Cannon hosts a new series of contests called "The Masked Singer" by Fox and develops his own show late at night. It also reflects the success of "Wild" N Out. (January 8th)

A spoiler warning! This story contains details of "The Masked Singer" Season 1, Episode 7, including the identity of the eliminated celebrity.

These singers struggle to stay hidden.

On Wednesday, the Fox hit hit "The Masked Singer" revealed another celebrity this week, with the last six contestants – Peacock, Monster, Bee, Alien, Rabbit and Lion – releasing their best performances.

Monster has begun the show with a soulful rendition of Joan Jet and Blackhearts "I Love Rock 'n Roll" after revealing that he grew up to the south. The judges were dismissed from his work. Robin Tik called the coat creature his "favorite," throwing out a guess about "In Living Color" the scholarship of Tommy Davidson. Jenny McCarthy thinks she is Lil Jon, while guest Judge J. B. Scous believes boxer Mike Tyson, after the monster said he "is back in the ring."

The Moment of the Monster: He's Not In In Living Color. Unfortunately, Robin. Related: "Masked Singers": Who Was Revealed This Week?

<img itemprop = "url" src = " /08/USATODAY/USATODAY/636825705945295610-XXX-IMG-MS-S1-EP101-SHOW-MB-3-1-TTNNIHNP.JPG?width=540&height=405&fit=crop "alt =" Celebrity Celebrity in the Monster Suit "and hosts Nick Kern in" The Masked Singer. " [Photo: Michael Becker / Fox, Michael Becker / Fox]

The next one was the lion who brought the house with Diamond Lover to Lady Gaga. every week, "said McCarthy," supposing that the cruel contestant is a member of a group of girls, because the lion previously said he was "separated from the pack" McCarthy's ultimate guess: Spice Girl Mel B or a member of Destiny's Child.Nichel Sheringer thinks it might be True Grill actress Heilli Steinfeld

The Lion's Moment of Truth: "I have a subscription for a monthly "

(Photo: Michael Becker, Fox)

The stranger was surprisingly introducing Elle King " Ex-s "I feel like every week when you step up your game," Scherzinger said, while Thicke added that "this is the hardest for me." McCarthy assumed it was or Nothing ole or Sofia Richie because Ken Jong assumed that Paula Abdul was earlier, and Sheringer pointed out that La Toia had a pet snake.

Be it back in time with Tina Turner: "What love is to do with him." "You are obviously a living legend and we have the honor of being on the show," said Tik before supposing Gladys Knight, but Bey released several songs that confused the judges before McCarthy and Sheringer. he agreed that this might be Patty Label or Anita Baker while Jeann thinks she is Turner herself.

The Moment of Truth Bee: "I have 10 Grams." Maybe the judges have something.

The Bee and Nick Cannon of The Masked Singer. (Photo: Michael Becker / Fox)

Rabbit kept things in motion along with Stevie Wonder's circus performance "Is not it wonderful?" He accompanied his vocals with a choreography that convinced the judges that he was a true performer. "He must be a boy," McCarthy said. Nicole agreed, suggesting "N Sync members, J.C. Chasez or Joey Fatone. McCarthy even assumed that she might be her husband "New Children of Donnie Wolverg": "He did not answer the phone every time Bunny was on stage!"

The Moment of the Truth of Zayk revealed she had 17 tattoos of my body. "On the question of whether this helps, McCarthy replies," Nothing of it does. "

Rabbit (Photo: Michael Becker, Fox)

Peacock was the last to sing The Weeknd & "I can not feel my face." "You always find a way to make us laugh and make us smile," said Tik, pointing to the background of showbiz, Smoove thinks it's Wayne Brady because of his stay in Las Vegas while McCarthy assumed Neil Patrick Harris or Donny Osmond, and Peacock's last trace was that his face was tattooed on someone's body .

Finally, the alien was sent to pack and ordered to reveal. "McCarthy chose Sofia Ritchie, Sherringer chose La Tony Jackson, Jezon thought that Paul Abdul. the mask came out, she is … drummer, please … La Toya Jackson The singer revealed she joined the show because "people tend to predict you … and they compare you to other people in your family . So I wanted to do it and see how far I'm going to go. "

Jackson, the older sister of the Michael Jackson icon, joins the masked singers of show-lead Raven; actress Tori Spelling (unicorn); Comrade Margaret Cho (Poodle); former NFL defender and Fox Sports commentator Terry Bradshaw (Deer); comedian Tommy Chong (pineapple); and Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Brown (Hippopotamus).

The "Masked Singer" is now entering the semi-finals next week, where two singers will be revealed for the first time.

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