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Young conservatives have to stay away from Turning Point USA

The conservative youth organization Turning Point USA made headlines this week when President Trump spoke to the Teen Student Action Summit. the teenagers "slept at the door" to hear Trump's remarks.

TPUSA is initially appealing to many young people, thanks to the rational marketing of the organization using memos, posters, and slogan slogans as "socialism sucks." And at first glance this may seem like a good thing for a conservative movement.

But everyone should be worried about the inclusion of the Transylvania and Kirk. The turning point claims that the mission exists to "promote the principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets and limited governance." deeply embarrassed and dishonest in its essence.

The whole existence of the breakpoint is fraudulent. At first glance, the group seems to be behind conservative values, but in recent years TPUSA has become a guerrilla, pro-Trump group that worships the Trump's donors and Trump's family, ignoring the wishes of staff and activists.

Kirk, for example, has historically supported free trade . While Trump did not.

Now, Kirk leans back to explain Tramp's commercial policies, which every striking man is striking against the original principles of TPUSA's free trade. For Hill, Kirk brings water to the president and tries to protect Trump's protectionist record.

Kirk knows that the president's commercial practices are not in line with the principles of the free market. His defense is not due to foolishness ̵

1; it is calculated, invented and frankly dishonest. He has chosen the trumps of the Trump family for the principles on which he founded an organization.

To make matters worse, TPUSA has an alarming experience of racism. The Huffington Post reported that "The US moment of opportunity keeps hiring racists accidentally" and they are not exactly wrong. TPUSA came under hot water when the national director of the group sent a message to a colleague, "I hate black people … I hate black people. End of history.

The group claims to have taken "decisive action" to remove the employee within 72 hours. But racism in the organization does not stop there. By the irony of fate, Kirk replaced his national director in the field with someone who had a lot of his own luggage. In from the deleted tweets the newly recruited employee repeatedly used a N-word, praised that "I love racial jokes," and said that if you are "some other race of white," she promises "Make racist jokes to you. "

19659017] plunged deeper into the racist history of the organization, interviewing Gabriel Fekyer , a former TPUSA employee, who discussed the hearing of conference speakers who "talk badly about black women who have all these babies out of wedlock," adding that "it's really insulting."

Kirk denies the allegations, that they are "unfounded" and "absurd". Obviously, these are just a few employees and a few incidents, but they are still related to a model.

The commitment to overcoming mistrust goes beyond racial lines, and for some time the group repeats simplified statements calling "Cultural Marxists" who "do not want borders, genders, markets, traditions or order."

Kirk even accused Democrats of supporting "bringing [ing] back to ISIS" and "killing [ing] every new job. He is obviously a bad participant and is not a good example of young conservatives. Democracy Platform 2020: [19659024] Go Back ISIS
Save Nuclear North Korea
Lose Your Taxes
Compassion for MS13

Kill any new jobs
Kill Kirman (@ charliekirk11)
20 July 2019

The withdrawal from the initial message of the "Revolutionary Point" created deep tensions in the staff, which included some principled, good people.

A current staff member of the Transparency Service, who asked for anonymity, confirmed to me that "the biggest problem so far has been the gap between staff and staff on the ground. Many field workers … appreciate the original aspects of the Turning Point. We value freedom of speech, limited government, personal freedoms and the exchange of ideas. "

But this is no longer for the organization – it's just a cheerleading front for President Trump. Young conservatives should avoid turning the US at all costs.

Jordan Lancaster is a Fellow of the Red Signaling Policy and Senior at Wake Forest University. She is a Young Voices associate and can be found on Twitter @ jordylancaster.

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